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Experient SWAP Experient SWAP Experient SWAP Experient SWAP

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SWAP – the ultimate sales lead retrieval application for smartphones. Free to download, but you must receive an Activation Code for a trade show or event where Experient has been contracted to provide lead retrieval services.
To give SWAP a try, use Activation Code 0000-0000-0000-0000 and Badge ID #1 to enter the app’s “Demo Mode”. When prompted to enter an ID, you may use the number 1001 – 1009. When prompted to enter a last initial, enter “A”. If you have questions or would like to receive an Activation Code, please call 1-800-787-0475.
Now exhibitors can capture leads anywhere during the tradeshow: sessions, meetings, events, in the hallway, on the bus, at dinner – onsite or off-site!
•Capture leads per salesperson and in aggregate
•Each salesperson can view their leads on their smartphone
•DecisionPoint allows exhibitor management to measure productivity of each salesperson
•Take notes within each lead and answer qualifying questions
•Export a list of leads in multiple formats
•Native app works in off-line mode: not dependent upon continuous cellular connectivity to work
•DecisionPoint portal reports both SWAP and Optium reader lead data together for show organizer and exhibitors
SWAP - 最终销售线索检索应用程序的智能手机。免费下载,但你必须接受一个激活码与Experient已订约铅检索服务提供一个贸易展或事件。
现在,参展商可以捕捉线索在展会期间的任何地方:会议,会议,活动,在走廊上,上车后,在晚餐 - 现场或场外!

Experient SWAP 更新内容

- Bug fixes
- Enhanced Features

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Android 4.3.x 以上
Experient Android

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