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Smart Setting Guide

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Smart Setting Guide Smart Setting Guide Smart Setting Guide Smart Setting Guide Smart Setting Guide

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While I was making a smartphone manual, I thought of a reverse process. Rather than guiding users to use the functions themselves, I can develop an application that explains the functions to users.
So, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. There are hundreds of functions on the smartphone. But unfortunately, users don’t know how to use many of them. To help users access the functions of our expensive smartphones, I analyzed user patterns and collected setting menus that people use most frequently.
Three reasons why using the smart setting guide is great:
1. Among the functions in the setting menu, frequently-used functions can be accessed right away (adding a Google account, Wi-Fi, etc.). Users do not need to look for the menu.
2. Whenever a user wonders, “When am I going to use this function?” The smart setting guide explains the function’s purpose and use. Now, users can learn more about convenient smartphone functions and use them to their advantage.
3. The smart setting guide makes it quick and easy to learn about smartphone functions due to its simplistic design . Users can make use of more functions.
Users need not look around for functions within the settings menu any longer. Users can use the smart setting guide to conveniently access and change their settings.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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