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Fabasoft Folio 描述

The Fabasoft Folio app gives you access to your company’s business documents on your Android smartphone or tablet. Anytime and anywhere. Securely and reliably.
With the Fabasoft Folio app you can:
- Access your company’s business documents quickly and easily.
- Read business documents on your Android smartphone/tablet, swipe from document to document.
- Open and edit business documents on your Android smartphone/tablet using integrated apps (e.g. with ThinkFree Office).
- Upload images, music and videos from your libraries into Folio – even multiple files at the same time.
- Upload documents from other apps into Folio (e.g. e-mail attachments).
- Synchronize your business documents and folders with your Android smartphone/tablet and access them in offline mode without needing an internet connection.
- Refresh all your documents and folders that you want to access in offline mode with only just one tap.
- Search for data in all your business documents where you have access rights.
- Create new Teamrooms and invite your contacts to Teamrooms.
- Manage your Teamroom invitations (accept or refuse them).
- Send links to your documents or the documents themselves as attachment by e-mail.
The access to business data is only possible with prior authentication.
Fabasoft Folio encompasses the creation, organization and storage of business documents, as well as the informal and structured collaboration within your company.
We offer both on premise installation and operation, as well as “Software as a Service” – where installation and operation takes place via Fabasoft data centers. Fabasoft is ISO 27001 certified, the international standard for IT security. PriceWaterhouseCoopers has successfully tested Fabasoft according to SAS Type II, an important standard for IT operations. This translates into an objectively proven security and reliability for the saving of your business data.
For viewing and editing documents you may use the following third-party apps:
- TXT: OI Notepad, Jota-Editor
- DOC: Thinkfree Write (Thinkfree Office)
- XLS: Thinkfree Calc (Thinkfree Office)
- PDF: Adobe Reader
- HTML: Android HTML viewer
- JPEG, PNG, GIF: Integrated image viewer
For more information about Fabasoft Folio, please visit http://www.fabasoftfolio.com.
- 访问贵公司的业务单据迅速和容易。
- 在你的Andr​​oid智能手机/平板电脑,刷卡阅读商务文档从文献记录。
- 使用集成的应用程序(例如,与ThinkFree的办公室)Android智能手机/平板电脑打开和编辑商业文档。
- 上传图片,音乐和视频从库到开本 - 即使是在同一时间多个文件。
- 从其他应用程序上传文档转换成开本(例如电子邮件附件)。
- 同步您的商业文件和文件夹,与Android智能手机/平板电脑和访问它们在离线模式下,无需连接到互联网。
- 刷新要在离线模式下访问仅只是一个水龙头您所有的文件和文件夹。
- 搜索在您具有访问权限的所有业务文档中的数据。
- 创建新的团队空间,并邀请您的联系人团队空间。
- 管理你的团队空间邀请(接受或拒绝它们)。
- 发送链接到你的文件或者文件本身通过电子邮件附件。
我们的前提下安装和运行的同时提供,以及“软件即服务” - 在安装和操作通过Fabasoft数据中心发生。 Fabasoft是ISO 27001认证,国际标准的IT安全。普华永道根据SAS II型,IT运营的重要标准测试成功Fabasoft。这意味着到一个客观证明的安全性和可靠性,为您的企业数据的保存。
- TXT:OI记事本,霍塔编辑器
- DOC:ThinkFree的写(ThinkFree的办公室)
- XLS:ThinkFree的计算(ThinkFree的办公室)
- HTML:Android的HTML浏览器
- JPEG,PNG,GIF:集成的图像浏览器

Fabasoft Folio 更新内容

- Pull to refresh
- Action panel shown on the left in landscape mode
- Full screen mode for previews
- Sort folders and Teamrooms by date or name
- Rename folders, Teamrooms and files
- Copy link to folders, Teamrooms and files
- Shake your device or screenshot the app to give feedback
- Improved layout for search
- Search offline in synchronized folders and Teamrooms
- Document provider for easy access by third party applications
- Upload files from other document providers

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办公商务 办公软件 效率办公
Android 4.0.3 以上

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