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I Can Read Flipmag I Can Read Flipmag I Can Read Flipmag I Can Read Flipmag

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Sometimes pictures are so much more than colors and shapes. Sometimes prose is so much more than letters. I Can Read is dedicated to Prose in Pictures. Inspiring quotes and astounding delivery. So you think you can read, too? Pick up I Can Read Flipmag, the fifth title in the series of Flipmag Apps for Android by Fairyteller.
If you love the website http://icanread.tumblr.com then this is the absolute best way to browse it on your phone or on your tablet. It's more than a bookmark, it's a new browsing experience.
What's a "Flipmag"? A Flipmag by Fairyteller is a new kind of reader tailor-made for your awesome Android device that focuses on giving the best user experience for browsing a Photo Blog. It's gives you the pictures that you want, in the way that you want!
Features include:
- See all the latest pictures whenever you want!
- Fully native and innovative user experience!
- Browse all the archives with just a flip of the thumb!
- Automatic Bandwidth Saving Mode when not on wifi!
- Offline Mode when not connected at all!
- Open the pictures with the app of your choice with a long press!
- OpenGL Imaginator Mode for super fast zooming to see all the hidden details of a picture!
- Incognito optional mode, for those who don't want pictures to appear in the device gallery!
- Notifications when there are new posts to see!
- and many more coming so keep updated!
If you are experiencing issues or if you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us at support@fairyteller.com
Flipmags by Fairyteller are fully native apps, fully hardware accelerated, powered by Tumblr APIs in their latest version, with all the goodness from the latest Android technologies, and still compatible with the large majority of android devices. Each Flipmag is dedicated to a outstanding tumblr blog handpicked from thousands. Fairyteller is not affiliated with the original blog's author. The content is and always will be the artists' property and their pride. Flipmags are merely browsers to let you appreciate their awesome work to the fullest.
This app has been tested on the following devices:
- Motorola Atrix running Froyo (2.2)
- HTC Desire running Froyo (2.2)
- Amazon Kindle Fire running Gingerbread (2.2)
- Acer Iconia 500 running Honeycomb (3.0)
- Motorola Xoom running Honeycomb (3.2)
- Motorola Xoom running Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0)
- Galaxy Nexus running Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0)
- Samsung Galaxy SIII running Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0)
- HTC One running Ice Cream Sandwich (4.1)
- Nexus 4 running Jelly Bean (4.1)
- Nexus 7 running Jelly Bean (4.2 and 4.3)
有时,图片是这么多的颜色和形状。有时散文是这么多字母。我可以读致力于散文图片。鼓舞人心的报价和交货惊人的。所以,你认为你可以阅读呢?拿起我读Flipmag,系列中的第五个冠军的Flipmag为Android Fairyteller的应用程序。
一个“Flipmag”什么? à通过Fairyteller Flipmag的是一种新型的读者量身定制你真棒Android设备,专注于提供最佳的用户体验,浏览图片博客。它给你的图片,你想,你想的方式!
   - 查看所有最新的图片,只要你想要的!
   - 完全原生和创新的用户体验!
   - 浏览所有档案只是一个拇指翻转!
   - 自动带宽省电模式,当不上WIFI!
   - 离线模式时,根本没有连接!
   - 长按您选择的应用程序打开图片!
   - OpenGL的Imaginator的模式超快速放大的图片中看到所有的隐藏的细节!
   - 隐身模式可选,对于那些谁不想出现在设备画廊的图片!
   - 通知,当有新的帖子,看看!
   - 和许多未来保持更新!
Flipmags由Fairyteller是完全原生的应用程序,完全硬件加速,供电贴吧的API,在其最新版本,从最新的Andr​​oid技术与所有善良,并且仍然兼容大部分的Andr​​oid设备。每个Flipmag是专门从数千精心挑选的优秀的Tumblr博客。原博客的作者是不隶属于Fairyteller。内容是,而且将永远是艺术家的财产和他们的骄傲。 Flipmags仅仅是浏览器,让你欣赏他们真棒工作充分。
  - 摩托罗拉Atrix运行升级Froyo(2.2)
  - 运行的HTC Desire的升级Froyo(2.2)
  - 亚马逊Kindle Fire运行姜饼(2.2)
  - 宏碁Iconia 500运行蜂窝(3.0)
  - 摩托罗拉Xoom运行的蜂窝(3.2)
  - 摩托罗拉Xoom运行冰淇淋三明治(4.0)
  - Galaxy Nexus的运行冰淇淋三明治(4.0)
  - 三星Galaxy SIII运行冰淇淋三明治(4.0)
  - HTC运行冰淇淋三明治(4.1)
  - Nexus 4的运行果冻豆(4.1)
  - Nexus 7的运行果冻豆(4.2和4.3)

I Can Read Flipmag 更新内容

- faster loading and processing
- improved gesture detection
- fixed crash for some devices when saving pictures on sdcard
- fixed crash for some devices when zooming

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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