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FanChants Free Football Songs FanChants Free Football Songs FanChants Free Football Songs FanChants Free Football Songs FanChants Free Football Songs FanChants Free Football Songs

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The FanChants archive in an app. Over 20,000 football chants, all free for your listening pleasure. Record and send us your team's chants within the app and get chants as ringtones for just 99p. 'Ave it!
New York Times: "FanChants is a repository of more than 20,000 chants for more than 700 teams worldwide. From nasty to boring and folkloric to funny, the chants are a window into how a team’s fans fire up a stadium"
- All chants free to listen to
- Chants as ringtones for 99p each.
- Record function let's you add your team's fans to the FanChants archive.
- Alerts for when a new chant is out for your team.
- Staff Pick alerts for the best chants from all over the world.
If you love your footie, you must have this app.
What features does this new beast of an app have?
Not only do you receive all your teams chants, but we're pushing another 500+ teams your way, so you can see what's going off on the terraces elsewhere in the UK and around the world.
- Get any chant as a ringtone for just 99p.
- Shedloads more chants for your team than last time! Fully up to date database. Thousands more coming in.
- Receive our team Chant Alerts, the latest songs sung by your brethren - all chants we get for your team will be bounced onto your Android. Never miss out on the latest from the lads on the terraces.
- Receive Staff Picks alerts - a daily or weekly dose of chanting goodness from all over the world, hand picked by FC Towers. There's some hilarious chants being lined up, as well as foot stomping anthems and club classics.
The Times Online said:
"You know when you're at a ground and a few thousand bare-chested, fat blokes pipe up with a tune that everyone then joins in with but you're left sitting there miming like John Redwood at a Welsh karaoke because you can't understand a word they're saying? Let that never happen again, for fanchants.com has brought the best ditties to audio life, including Manchester City's emotive Your Suit's From Matalan and Yeovil's inviting Drink Up Thy Cider. You'll never be lost for words again. "
Notice: Worldwide football songs and soccer chants. FanChants football chants can be listened to and soccer songs downloaded free. Please be aware that some chants and songs lyrics contain profanity. Please don't listen to a football song if profanity offends you.
该FanChants归档应用程序。超过20,000足球圣歌,全部免费为您的听觉享受。记录和应用程序中发送给我们团队的圣歌,并得到圣歌作为铃声刚刚99便士。 “大道吧!
- 免费听所有的圣歌
- 咏铃声为每个99便士。
- 记录功能使用户可以添加你的团队的球迷到FanChants存档。
- 警报为当一个新的号子是出于对你的团队。
- 人员,上门取货警报来自全国各地的世界上最好的圣歌。
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------
- 获取任何呗作为铃声仅售99便士。
- Shedloads更多的圣歌为您的球队比上一次!全面更新数据库。数千人进入。
- 接收我们的团队咏警报,通过你们的弟兄演唱最新的歌曲 - 我们得到了你的团队所有的圣歌会弹到你的Andr​​oid。千万不要错过了,从露台上的小伙子们最新的。
- 接收员工精选警报 - 每天或每周剂量来自世界各地,手按FC塔挑呗善良。这里也有一些令人捧腹的圣歌正在排队,还有脚跺脚国歌和俱乐部的经典之作。
注意事项:全球足球歌曲和圣歌的足球。 FanChants足球圣歌可以听取和足球歌曲免费下载。请注意,有些歌曲和歌曲的歌词包含亵渎。请不要听一首歌的足球,如果亵渎冒犯你。

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- update in-app billing, ringtone purchase is possible again!
- bugfixes

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