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My Home Lite

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My Home Lite My Home Lite My Home Lite My Home Lite My Home Lite My Home Lite

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My Home is another home replacement besides ADW, Launcher pro etc. Inspired by iphone and Suave icon set project. The goal is to make a full featured launcher in small size while keep user interface clean, flexible and highly configurable. Tested on nexus one and nexus S. Theme and custom layout (icon size, label color etc) are not supported in lite version. Please search "pub:Farmer" for full version and other themes as well. Thanks to http://pc.de/icons/ for the icons. Features in this lite version:Iphone similar folder;Nesting folder;App badge support (gmail, missed call etc);App starring;Icon customization;Label customization;Better shadow effect on icons and labels;Widgets auto positioning (similar to Jellybean style);Widget resize, pin, arbitrary position support; Features in full version:App layout customization;Folder background customization;Theme support; First run may be slow because of creating records for all apps. Tips:Press and hold to enable edit mode;Press and hold then drag to other app to make a group in edit mode;Drag app out of group area for ~1 seconds to de-group;Fast group by multi-touch: drag one app a little bit (to avoid triggering long press) and hold, then tap another app to make a group;Press back at first app page to open widget page;Click menu to add widget at widget screen;Press and hold widget to move;"Easy grouping mode" (needs to enable in settings): Tap each app to select, press and hold on any selected app to group; To move app out of folder, tap each to select, then press and hold on any space outside the folder area.

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Android 2.3.7 以上

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