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London Bus Checker Lite - Free

London Bus Checker Lite - Free

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London Bus Checker Lite - Free London Bus Checker Lite - Free London Bus Checker Lite - Free London Bus Checker Lite - Free London Bus Checker Lite - Free London Bus Checker Lite - Free London Bus Checker Lite - Free London Bus Checker Lite - Free London Bus Checker Lite - Free London Bus Checker Lite - Free

London Bus Checker Lite - Free 描述

Get live bus times, smarter journey planning and comprehensive route maps for every stop in London.
London Bus Checker™ is the hit app that works at all London's 20,000 bus stops to show you when the next buses are coming - and where they're going. Plus there's live journey planning to plan your trip by tube, train, overground, ferry, hovercraft.. ..however you roll, we've got it covered.
• As featured on BBC Click, Telegraph Online, The Independent, Wired UK, and an App Store 'New and Noteworthy' •
"I'm not surprised this app has leapt to the top of the UK travel charts since its launch" - Kate Russell, BBC Click
• Live bus countdown display, with official TfL data.
• Plan a journey anywhere in London by bus, tube, rail and more.
• Service information - diversions/closures/cancellations.
• Stop Alerts - get woken up when you've arrived at your stop!*
• Home screen widget - live arrivals for your favourite stops.
• Full 3D route maps for all London Bus Routes - see exactly where your bus goes.
• Real-time GPS map of nearest stops.
• Santander Cycle Hire dock locations
• Favourite the bus stops you use regularly.
“If you regularly ride a bus, then you should not leave home without Buschecker” – The Guardian
“A simple, well-designed app” – Daily Telegraph
One of Cosmopolitan Magazine's featured "Best Apps Ever" - Cosmo UK
Download Bus Checker today - and never miss that last bus of the night again! Although if you do, we're not picking you up from the taxi rank in Morden.†
Please uninstall then re-install the app - this resolves the vast majority of issues. For more help, please see our support site or get in touch. (and please try this before leaving bad reviews! We do read every support request we receive)
* - Stop Alerts are in beta and not supported on some older Android OS/hardware.
† - Note to tourists: Morden is at the very bottom of the Northern line on the London tube - and frequently where late-night travellers find themselves waking up.
- Bus Checker is a registered trademark of FatAttitude Limited.
- Data provided by official Transport for London feeds.
- Bus Checker can send anonymous usage stats and crash reports to us so that we can improve the app; no personally identifiable information is collected or transmitted, but you can opt out of this at any time via the in-app settings.
伦敦公共汽车检查™是命中的应用程序,在所有伦敦拥有20,000名公交站的工作向你展示在下次公共汽车来了 - 和他们要去哪里。再加上有现场的旅程规划,计划在管,火车,地上,轮渡,气垫船您的旅行.. ..however你滚,我们已经得到它覆盖。
•作为特色BBC点击,电报网,独立,有线英​​国,以及App Store的“新的和值得注意的'•
“我并不感到惊讶这个程序已跃居英国最热门的旅游排行榜推出以来,” - 凯特·罗素,BBC请点击
•服务信息 - 改道/关闭/取消。
•停止警报 - 获得醒来时,你已经到了你的止损*!
•主屏幕小部件 - 活来港定居人士为您最喜爱停止。
•全3D路线图的所有伦敦的巴士路线 - 清楚地看到你的车去。
“如果你经常乘坐公共汽车,那么你不应该离开家Buschecker” - 卫报
“一个简单的,精心设计的应用程序” - 每日电讯报
一个世界性杂志的特色“最佳应用自从” - 英国科斯莫
下载总线检查今天 - 从不错过晚上的最后一班车了!但如果你这样做,我们不会挑选您从摩登的出租车站。†
请卸载,然后重新安装应用程序 - 这解决的问题绝大多数。如需更多帮助,请参阅我们的支持网站或与我们联络。 (请和离开前恶评试试这个!我们这样做,我们读到每收到支持请求)
* - 停止警报是在测试阶段,不支持一些较旧的Andr​​oid操作系统/硬件。
† - 注游客:摩登是在伦敦地铁北线的最底层 - 并且经常在那里深夜旅客发现自己醒来。
- 公交Checker是FatAttitude有限公司的注册商标。
- 为数据提供伦敦官方运输饲料。
- 公交车检查可以发送匿名使用情况统计信息和崩溃报告给我们,以便我们能够提高应用程序;任何个人身份信息被收集或传送,但你可以通过在应用程序设置退出这个在任何时间。

London Bus Checker Lite - Free 更新内容

- We’ve added live cycle dock availability info (London...more coming soon!)
- New handy ‘compass’ overlay to help orientate your map - perfect for discovering new areas.
- UI enhancements and fixes.
Plus the enhancements delivered in our most recent new versions:
- Support for Android Marshmallow.
- New crisp, clean Stop Board display.
Thanks - keep the feedback coming please!

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London Bus Checker Lite - Free 使用技巧

London Bus Checker Lite - Free 信息

Android 4.0.2 以上

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