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Constitution of India

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Constitution of India Constitution of India Constitution of India Constitution of India Constitution of India Constitution of India

Constitution of India 描述

The COMPLETE Constitution of India presented in a readable and searchable format. Divided concisely into Parts, Chapters, Sub-Sections and containing the full unedited text of all the Articles. Also Contains 97 Amendments (till date), 12 Schedules and all Central Parliamentary Acts (Net). Everything is Searchable. Scroll through articles by Volume Keys. Current Path is always displayed on the top.
A MUST HAVE for every Indian... and others alike.
This is the ONLY app containing the Constitution of India.
- Full, unedited Article Content of all the 394 Articles.
- Divided into Parts, Sections, Sub-Sections and Article Lists.
- Searchable (Search Key)
- Display's Current Path in every Screen and in every Article so that you know where you are.
- 97 Amendments and their complete contents available
- 12 Schedules from the constitution
- Search in Constitution or Central Parliament Acts.
- Search by Article Content, Chapter Names, Part Names, Sub-Section Names and Article Names in Constitution Mode and Short Title, Act Number, Act Year, Act Objective, Full Act Text & Free Text Search in Central Acts Mode
- Bookmarking favorite Articles
- Search & Highlight in Amendments/Schedules
- Saves Previous Search State
- Navigate Indexes by Trackball/D-Pad
- Scroll through Articles by Volume Keys
- Tablet Screens Supported (Thanks to Abhitej Velore)
- Neat Presentation in the form of Heading and Description in every Screen
- Zoom by clicking on icons/Pinch zoom in Amendments and Central Acts Screens.
- Text size can be increased/Decreased for Article Content.
- Aesthetic Reading Experience
- Low Memory Resources required
- A good way to teach kid's about the Constitution of India
- Helps Improve the Productivity of people who refer the Constitution regularly.
- Share Article Title, Content or both through SMS, Email or any text related application.
And many more!
[NEW]SOCIAL FEATURES ENABLED (powered by Socialize)
Permissions Explained:
FULL NETWORK ACCESS: To communicate with Socialize Servers (Likes, comments, Facebook, Google+,etc) and also to load Other Law Content in Search Menu.
READ PHONE STATUS AND IDENTITY: Anonymous commenting requires the retrieval of Device ID so that all comments/likes/shares can be linked to the Device ID. No personally identifiable information is read from the Phone.
STORAGE: To read the data from the Database as "Move to SD card" option is enabled.
- 全面,所有的394条未经编辑的文章内容。
- 分成部分,节,小节和文章列表。
- 检索(搜索键)
- 显示在每一个画面,并在每一篇文章,让你知道你在哪里电流通路。
- 97修正案及其完整的内容可用
- 从宪法12时间表
- 在宪法和中央议会法案搜索。
- 由文章内容,章名称,零件名称,分条名称和第二十名的宪法模式和短标题,法数,法年,法案目的,完全法案文本和自由文本搜索中环行为模式的搜索
- 书签最喜欢的文章
- 搜索和突出显示修订/时间表
- 保存前国家搜索
- 导航索引由轨迹球/ D-垫
- 滚动条通过音量键
- 平板屏幕支持(感谢Abhitej Velore)
- 整洁演示的标题和描述中的每一个画面的形式
- 变焦点击图标/捏放大修订和中部行为屏幕。
- 文字大小可以增加/减少的文章内容。
- 审美阅读体验
要求低内存资源 -
- 一个很好的方式来教孩子的对印度的宪法
- 有助于提高人谁经常引用宪法的生产力。
- 分享文章标题,内容或两者通过短信,电子邮件或任何文本相关的应用。

Constitution of India 更新内容

V 5.4:
Android Marshmallow & Lollipop Update
V 5.3:
.Latest Amendments included.
.Socialize Upgraded with Action Bar - new themes
Single point solution to all the Social Operations like Comments/Views/Sharing/Facebook Integration/Like-Unlike, G+ Sharing, etc.
.Favorites feature added and integrated with Socialize Like feature
You can now save your favorite articles to a separate ‘bookmark’ list which you can access from the options menu anytime
.Search by Article No’s feature added

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