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Flip 2 Match memory Seasons

Flip 2 Match memory Seasons

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Flip 2 Match memory Seasons Flip 2 Match memory Seasons Flip 2 Match memory Seasons Flip 2 Match memory Seasons Flip 2 Match memory Seasons Flip 2 Match memory Seasons

Flip 2 Match memory Seasons 描述

Flip 2 Match Seasons is a fun and addictive memory game. Now in a Holiday Seasons and Christmas edition. It's memory...but...with a twist.... Instead of standard icons, Flip 2 Match memory uses your phone's contact photos. So you are actually playing memory with your own friends by flipping them around.
This is not the only little twist we've got for you. Next to playing with your friends by flipping and matching them as an equal pair, the highscores you gain each level will result in an all time number one rank which you can post on your Facebook and Twitter account from within this memory game. Great don't you think? Now you also can compete online with your friends for the hightest score.
Let the battle for the highest score begin! Inform your friends that this great memory game has arrived on Android market and challenge each other....Have Fun!
- Memory game now in Holiday Seasons and Christmas Edition
- Memory game with addictive playability
- Memory game Includes 100+ contact photos from your phones contact list*
(Seasons version uses 25 contact pictures)
- Includes linked profile pictures from Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Linkedin and other social media
– Memory game with 50+ levels
– Memory game with extra time bonus features and combo's
– Memory game with Facebook and Twitter highscore post feature
* This memory game uses only contact photos stored on your phone and are only used as temporarily ingame content. Phonenumbers, adresses, e-mailadressen or other personal information stored on your phone will not be used nor distributed in any way.
- 现在记忆游戏在假日季节和圣诞版
- 上瘾的可玩性记忆游戏
- 记忆游戏包括从你的手机联系人列表100+联系人的照片*
- 包括来自Facebook,微博,WhatsApp的,LinkedIn等社交媒体链接的个人资料图片
- 50 +级别的记忆游戏
- 有额外的时间奖励的功能和组合的记忆游戏
- 与Facebook和Twitter的高分后功能记忆游戏
*这记忆游戏使用存储在您的手机上只有联系人的照片,并仅作为临时游戏中的内容。 Phonenumbers,不会忽略,电子mailadressen或存储在手机上的其他个人信息将不会被使用,也没有以任何方式分发。

Flip 2 Match memory Seasons 更新内容

v4.2.4: Ingame music enabled
v4.2.3: Optimized game speed.
v4.2.2: Optimized to also run on tablets
v4.2.1: New buttons in finding friends screen
v4.2.0: Fast app-start! Start up time app dramatically improved. Searching for photos of friends only required once (first start up). After that update possible.
v4.1.x: Problem fixes
v4.1.0: See the snow around your friends!
v4.0.0: Initial version

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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