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Call Reminder Notes Lite

Call Reminder Notes Lite

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Call Reminder Notes Lite Call Reminder Notes Lite Call Reminder Notes Lite Call Reminder Notes Lite Call Reminder Notes Lite Call Reminder Notes Lite

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Use Call Reminder Notes to attach a Reminder to Contact, be reminded during call
Lite Version gives you unlimited number of Reminder Notes.
Reminder Note is shown on screen during call, allowing you to access relevant information at the right moment, when you actually speak over the phone with a person.
App is available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Korean, Japanese and Traditional Chinese.
Get Call Reminder Notes Full Version and enjoy:
- Set Callback Alarm to a Reminder Note
- Call Contact from Manage Reminders
- Edit Reminder Note
- After Call- Create Reminder Note (even if phone number is not in your Phone Contacts)
- After Call- Create Google Task (directly on Google account)
- After Call- Create Calendar Event
- Horizontal Layout
- No ads
• Create a Reminder Note and assign it to an Address Book Contact, Reminder will be shown on the screen during call
• Reminder Note is automatically Deactivated after talking to the assigned Contact(s)
• Reminder Note can be set to remain Active even if you cancel/reject a call
• Assign a Callback Alarm to a Reminder Note, to make sure the reminder is shown by a certain date
You can use it alongside your favorite productivity apps like: ColorNote Notepad Notes, Evernote, OnePunch Notes, Sticky, 2Do,ToDo List, COL Reminder, Life Reminders, Quick Notes, Astrid Task/To-do List.
Share Call Reminder Notes with your friends by SMS or Facebook directly from the application
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Android 2.1.0 以上

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