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myAzan免费版 myAzan免费版 myAzan免费版 myAzan免费版 myAzan免费版 myAzan免费版

myAzan免费版 描述

This application gives you the 5 islamic daily prayer times with automatic prayers notifications. You can add a location using gps, wifi, 3g or the internal database containing more than 150 countries and 10500 cities.
Here is a list of features of this app :
- Modern and polished user interface with some islamic art touch
- 3 stylish widgets giving next prayer time, 5 prayers time and current hijri date
- 3 kinds of notification that can be combined together : notification, vibration and azan (call to prayer). Fully customizable for each prayer. For example, You can have a sound azan for every prayer except for dohr where you have just a vibration notification
- 2 simple ways to add a location/city :
* From the included database of more than 150 countries and 10500 cities for people who don't have Gps or data connection
* Automatically using your gps or your data connection (Wifi, 3g ...)
- Fully customizable prayer times calculation :
* Angle/Minutes used for fajr and isha (Contact us if you want other "official" settings to be included in the app by default)
* Asr prayer calculation method
* Minutes adjustment
* 3 methods of calculation for higher latitudes
* Ability to use system settings (recommended) or custom settings for timezone (gmt) and daylight saving time (dst)
- Hijri calendar with day adjustment
- Distance to qiblah (Km / miles)
- 12/24 time format following system settings
- English/french translation and more to come incha Allah
- Little battery consumption and good integration with the android system
- New features coming soon incha Allah as we are improving this app and have a lot of ideas !
For any question or request regarding this application, drop us a mail and we'll try to reply as soon as possible incha Allah. If you like our work, support us by purchasing the full version. Last but not least : Don't forget to pray on time and make du'a for us.
- myAzan support page (F.A.Q) here : http://firdausapps.com/support/
- Visit us : http://www.firdausapps.com
- Follow us : http://www.twitter.com/firdausapps
- 现代与抛光的用户界面与一些伊斯兰艺术触摸
- 下祈祷时间3个时尚的小部件,5祈祷时间和电流回历日期
- 3种可以结合在一起的通知:通知,振动和手机上(来电祈祷)。完全定制每个祈祷。例如,你可以有一个声音在手机上每一个祈祷除了DOHR你刚才的振动通知
- 添加位置/城市的2个简单的方法:
  *自动使用您的GPS或数据连接(WIFI,3G ...)
- 完全可定制的祈祷时间计算:
  * 3高纬度地区的计算方法
- 回历日调整
- 朝拜方向的距离(公里/英里)
- 12/24时间格式下列系统设置
- 英语/法语翻译和多来incha安拉
- 小电池的消耗和良好的android系统的整合
- 即将推出的新功能incha真主,因为我们正在改进这个程序,有很多的想法!
- 支持myAzan页(常见问题解答):http://firdausapps.com/support/
- 参观我们:http://www.firdausapps.com
- 跟随我们:http://www.twitter.com/firdausapps

myAzan免费版 更新内容

- Ability to set prayer time adjustment to +/- 6 hours
- Minor bug fixes

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play



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