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GYM Workout & Fitness GYM Workout & Fitness GYM Workout & Fitness GYM Workout & Fitness GYM Workout & Fitness GYM Workout & Fitness

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GYM Workout Fitness has got 1,000 combinations of workouts and 800+ professional videos.
GYM Workout Fitness is you pocket personal trainer on the android device, and with over 1,000 combinations of specialized workouts, you'll never get bored. A sleek and easy to use interface lets you select and modify your workouts in an instant. You can spend hundreds of dollars on personal training sessions... or you can use this application for the price of a pack of gum.
Professional Training videos from professional trainers
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- Body Rock TV
- Home Bodybuilding and Fitness
- Be Fit and Strong
- The Multimedia Heart Of Wellness
- Scott Herman Fitness
- Live Strong
- Fitness & Workouts
- Best Workouts
- Aerobic classes
- The Smartest System for Fitness & Fat Loss
- Tea Rexx
- Fitness
- Spark People
- Vince Del Monte Channel
- Fat loose Lifestyle
- YoBoHo Fitness
- The Smartest System for Fitness & Fat Loss
- Turbulence Training
- Instructional Fitness
- Frugal Fitness TV
- Runner's World TV
- CliftaFit: 1-2 NEW Workouts
- Gilad's Fitness
- Fitness Ab Workouts And Ab Exercises For Six Pack
- Official KDT Academy Channel
- HomeFitness TV: Fitness
- Micheal Ferencsik's Natural Bodybuilding
- Exercise Instruction
- Czech Fitness Girls
Major Features:
• 800+ professional exercise tutorial videos
• Over 1,000 combinations of workouts generated
• Select up to 40 channels from diffent professional trainers.
• Professional personal trainers will help you maximize your workout and teach you how to safely use the equipment
• A sleek and easy to use muscle generator will help you find the perfect workout
• Unhappy with the generated routine? Press a button, get a new one
• We take the guesswork out of working out
• Muscle Groups: Abs, Back, Biceps, Chest, Forearms, Legs, Shoulders, Triceps
The application does not contain any copyrighted content. The application just lists links to legal content uploaded to video sharing sites such as YouTube.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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