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足球赛事 足球赛事 足球赛事 足球赛事 足球赛事 足球赛事

足球赛事 描述

ScoreMobile FC is your ultimate home for Football! With full coverage of the 2012 Premier league and UEFA Champions League.
ScoreMobile FC has complete coverage of over 100+ football leagues and competitions, including: English Premier League (EPL), UEFA Champions League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, FIFA World Cup, MLS soccer and much more.
• ScoreMobile FC is your dedicated world football app, providing complete football and soccer coverage to keep you up with every goal and match, including the 2012 Premier league.
• With ScoreMobile FC you'll get the latest football: live scores, stats, betting odds, fixtures, news, video, league tables and much more!
• There are also FREE push alerts to alert you when goals are scored, red cards are issued as well as half time and final scores - convenient for when you can't be in front of a TV and want to know the latest news about your favourite teams.
These are just some of the biggest competitions you will get:
- 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifying
- UEFA Champions League
- English Premier League (EPL)
- La Liga
- Serie A
- Bundesliga
• Install the ScoreMobile FC Football Score Ticker Widget to get all of your football and soccer scores even more conveniently!
• Tables: quickly view wins, points or goal differential by league or group at a glance
• Fixtures: View match previews, team records, live betting odds, player news or injuries and last five matches for every match
• Choose the teams you want to follow and add them to the "Faves" area to view all their scores on one screen
• View "Top Matches" to get all of the most popular match scores in one convenient area
• All match start times are customized for your area
• Sync any match to your calendar for convenience
Follow any of your favorite teams including the Premiership: Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, AC Milan, Juventus, Inter Milan, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Ajax, Boca Juniors, River Plate, Flamengo, Santos, and more.
Follow all the top leagues from around the world including
- UEFA Champions League
- English Premier League (EPL) Pemiership
- La Liga
- Serie A
- Bundesliga
- Primeira Liga
- Eredivisie
- Primera Division
- Brasileirao Serie A
- Ligue 1
- Super League
- FIFA (Including 2014 World Cup qualifying)
-MLS Soccer
- And more!
Always know your football or soccer scores when you're at home or mobile with ScoreMobile FC.
For optimal performance, ScoreMobile requires the users to accept the following permissions:
• Full Internet Access: Allows us to get you the live sports data through your wireless network
• Read Sensitive Log Data: If you have a bug, you can choose to send us the log files.
• Read Calendar Events: Allows you to add a game to your device calendar
• Read Phone State and Identity: The Device ID is used by our servers to send Push Alerts to your device.
• Modify/Delete SD Card Contents: Gives you the option to save the app to your SD card.
• Prevent Phone From Sleeping: This keeps your widget up to date.
• Hardware Controls: Lets your phone vibrate when you receive an alert
• Send Sticky Broadcast and Automatically Start at Boot: These are both used to send game Push Alerts
ScoreMobile FC是您的终极家庭的足球!随着2012年的英超联赛和欧洲冠军联赛的全覆盖。
ScoreMobile FC有超过100 +足球联赛和比赛,包括:英格兰足球超级联赛(EPL),欧洲冠军联赛,意甲,西甲,德甲,世界杯赛,MLS足球,更完全覆盖。
•ScoreMobile FC是你的专用的世界足坛应用程序,提供完整的足球和足球覆盖面,让你的每一个进球和比赛,包括2012年英超联赛。
•随着ScoreMobile FC,你会得到最新的足球现场比分,统计,赔率,灯具,新闻,视频,排行榜和更!
•也有一些免费的推警报,以提醒你的目标是打进时,发出红卡以及一半的时间和最后得分 - 方便,因为当你不能在电视机前,想知道关于你的最新消息最喜欢的球队。
- 2014年世界杯预选赛
- 欧洲冠军联赛
- 英超联赛(EPL)
- 西甲
- 意甲
- 德甲
- 欧洲冠军联赛
- 英超联赛(EPL)Pemiership“
- 西甲
- 意甲
- 德甲
- Primeira联赛
- 荷甲
- 西甲
- Brasileirao意甲
- 法甲
- 超级联赛
- FIFA(包括2014年世界杯预选赛)
- 欧洲
- 还有更多!
始终知道您的足球或足球比分,当你在家中或移动ScoreMobile FC的。

足球赛事 更新内容

-Added support for French, German and Portuguese languages
-Fixed a bug where some Froyo phones weren't getting alerts
-Fixed a bug where playing videos was crashing the app on some ICS and Jellybean phones
-Improved the dropdown readability on ICS phones
-Fixed a bug where some tabs were displayed incorrectly on Jellybean phones
-Fixed a bug where some alerts were not being saved on the Galaxy Mini
-Removed the "read sensitive log data" and "read calendar events" permissions
-Other minor fixes

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