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熊猫传奇 熊猫传奇 熊猫传奇 熊猫传奇 熊猫传奇 熊猫传奇

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Currently 50% OFF!!
What the critics are saying:
· “PandaMania is an awesome game, that every iDevice owner should own! Fans of TD games, check it out!” - Appmodo.com
· "The game has a great gameplay premise, and the execution on that premise is fantastic. A good variety of enemies forces players to use different strategies; spear-throwing baddies must be dealt with quickly, and knights with shields must be hit from certain angles.” - Gamepro's iPhone Games of The Week
An evil thief has stolen your Fu Manchu right off your face, but lucky for you, you’re the most talented bowman in all the land. Use your superb archery skills to punish the evil bandits once and for all. Liberate villages all across the world, and let the bandits know that they messed with the wrong Panda!
PandaMania features:
- Intense arcade-style action
- Progressive and hilarious storyline
- 50 challenging and unique levels
- Levels span 5 diverse lands
- Clever and unique BOSS fights!
- Numerous upgrades!
What people are saying:
· “Played for over an hour now. Very few iPhone games even pass the 10 minutes mark for me before I'm done. Only getting better... loving it!” - scfr8
· “I have put five or so hours into this game and have yet to get bored. I love earning coins and upgrading my arrows. I am nowhere near maxing everything out yet.” - BazookaTime
· “This game is great. I love it. I am a TD lover and anyone else that is as well need this one for their collection, the stages are re-playable. And with 3 save slots and difficulties there is something for everyone. I don't think this price will last long, As this is worth 4.99! Don't kick yourself later when the price goes up, pick it up now.” - Sxethang
· “This game is RIDICULOUS! I picked it up and couldn't put it back down. In fact, all I can think about right now is HOW BAD I WANT TO PICK IT UP AND PLAY IT AGAIN -- AAAUUUGH!!!“ - K76
· “This game is pretty cool. The graphics are cool, the gameplay is smooth and it's addicting. This one will be on my iPod for a while.” - broeken
So take aim, bowmaster! Destroy the horde of baddies to regain your honor and recover your Fu Manchu!
Note: Samsung Galaxy S phones *must* be running Android OS 2.2+
Bowman, Tower Defense, Flick, Shooter, Addictive, Castle Defense, Bowmaster
·:“PandaMania是一个可怕的游戏,每一个的iDevice所有者应该拥有! TD游戏的球迷,检查出来了!“ - Appmodo.com
·“本场比赛有一个伟大的游戏的前提下,执行,前提是太棒了。好各种敌人势力的玩家使用不同的策略;矛投掷坏人,必须迅速处理,必须打骑士盾牌从某些角度。“ - Gamepro一周的iPhone游戏
- 强烈的街机风格动作
- 进步和热闹的故事情节
- 50个具有挑战性的和独特的水平
- 水平跨越5个不同的土地
- 聪明和独特的BOSS战!
- 众多的升级!
·“中扮演了一个多小时。极少数的iPhone游戏,甚至通过标志着我之前,我做了10分钟。只有得到更好的...爱它!“ - scfr8
·“我已经把五年左右的时间进入这个游戏,还没有感到厌烦。我爱赚金币和升级我的箭。我无处近杏一切了。“ - BazookaTime
“这场比赛是伟大的。我喜欢它。我是TD的爱人和其他人,以及需要为他们收集这个阶段重新播放。保存插槽和困难是每个人的东西。我不认为这个价格将持续很长时间,因为这是价值4.99!不要踢自己以后的价格上升时,现在把它捡起来。“ - Sxethang
“这场比赛是荒谬的!我把它捡起来,不能把它背下来。事实上,我可以想想现在是多么糟糕,我希望把它捡起来,并再次发挥它 - AAAUUUGH的!!“ - K76
“这场比赛是很酷。图形凉爽,游戏是光滑,它的成瘾。这将是我的iPod上一段时间。“ - broeken
注:三星Galaxy S手机*必须*运行Android OS 2.2 +

熊猫传奇 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:Samsung Galaxy S phones *must* be running Android OS 2.2+
- Now maintains display aspect ratio
- New option to stretch to fill screen
- Other minor graphic fixes
NOTE: If you are having trouble with this update, you may need to manually uninstall completely the old one and re-download from the market. We apologize.

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Android 2.0.1 以上



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