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Flipkart 在线商城

Flipkart 在线商城

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Flipkart 在线商城 Flipkart 在线商城 Flipkart 在线商城 Flipkart 在线商城 Flipkart 在线商城 Flipkart 在线商城

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Shop the Online Megastore with the free Flipkart Android app. Choose from the massive selection of original products in Fashion, Electronics, Books, Mobiles and other categories. Get timely alerts on great deals with substantial discounts, every day!
India’s No 1 Online Shopping App
• Happy Shopping: No Hassle Returns,100% Buyer Protection
• Ping - A fun new way to shop with friends
• Image Search: Now find fashion products using just a photo. Also, find similar products with one tap!
• Smarter Search: Look up products using text, voice, barcode or guides
• Choice of Payments: Cash on Delivery, Credit/Debit Card, EMI, NetBanking, PayZippy
• Pinpoint Products: Find what you want with the sort and multi-filter functions.
• Never Miss an Offer: Get access to personalized and exclusive app-only deals.
• Personalized Alerts: Get notifications on personalized offers, price drops, order status, exclusive launches
• Product Suggestions: Relevant recommendations based on your shopping history
• Share with Friends: Suggest links to interesting products on Facebook, Twitter, Google+
• Examine Closely: View products in great detail with the large, multi-perspective images
• Do More with Images: Save images to your phone or instantly share them with friends
• One-touch Wishlist: Add products to your Wishlist with just one tap
In addition to basic permissions, the Flipkart app needs access to other functions on your device for it to support the above features -
* Device and App History: To detect critical crashes and recover the app state
* Identity: For native login functionality with your Google account
* Location: Providing location specific personalisation
* Photos/Media/Files: Caching images for better performance of the app. It also allows the app to save/share images
* Camera/Microphone: Camera is used for Barcode scanner and Microphone is used for voice search
* Wifi: To allow the app to connect to wi-fi and browse Flipkart on Wi-fi
* Device-id/Call-info: We use the Device-Id to identify the app and provide device specific offers. We do not check for call logs and neither do we make calls from the app.
* Profile / Contacts: To pre-fill your information wherever required so that you type less.
* SMS: To auto-verify One-Time Passcodes. We do not read existing messages.
Browse and shop through various categories such as Fashion and Accessories, Electronics and Appliances, Books and Entertainment and Beauty and Personal Care, compare prices of mobiles, televisions and many more products, read buyers reviews, check out exclusive App deals, share your products with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+. The App allows you to shop, track or cancel your Flipkart orders from anywhere. The App allows you to search for products via text, voice or barcode inputs.
Flipkart’s Free and Easy Returns policy ensures that you have a headache-free shopping experience. Problem resolution could be Replacement, Exchange (only for Apparel and Footwear) Or Refund, depending on the Seller’s Return Policy.
Flipkart offers multiple payment options such as Cash on Delivery, Credit/Debit Card, EMI, Net Banking and Pay Zippy. With Cash on Delivery option you can pay in cash at the time of actual delivery of the product at your doorstep, without requiring you to make any advance payment online. EMI payments scheme is available for American Express, Citi, HDFC and ICICI bank credit card holders only.
The App also features Flipkart First which if you are a member you are entitled to Free Shipping on Your Orders, unlimited access to Free In-a-day Delivery, Priority Customer Service and Discounted Same Day Delivery.
The Apps notifies you with discounts, price drops, order status and exclusive launches, exclusive deals, Deals of the Day, what’s Hot on Flipkart and category wise discounts making shopping easier for you.
与自由Flipkart Android应用程序商店的在线Megastore的。选择从大量的选择原有产品的时尚,电子产品,书籍,手机和其他类别。与获取可观的折扣及时对警示伟大的交易,每一天!
•平 - 一个有趣的新的方式与朋友到店
除了基本的权限,在Flipkart应用程序需要您的设备上访问其他功能以支持上述功能 -
*设备ID /呼叫信息:我们使用的设备ID来识别应用程序提供设备的具体报价。我们不检查通话记录和我们也不让从应用程序调用。
Flipkart提供多种支付方式,如货到付款,信用卡/借记卡,EMI,网上银行和支付比比。随着交付选项现金,你可以在现金的产品在你家门口的实际交付时支付,而无需进行任何提前在线支付。 EMI支付计划只适用于美国运通,花旗集团,HDFC和ICICI银行信用卡持卡人。

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美化手机 生活实用工具
Android 4.1 以上

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