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VFRnav flight navigation VFRnav flight navigation VFRnav flight navigation VFRnav flight navigation VFRnav flight navigation VFRnav flight navigation

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VFRnav is a flight navigation application for VFR pilots.
The moving map in the well known IC*O-style supports the pilot with the navigation and thus leaves time for the bright side of flighing.
The integrated database includes over 4,500 airfields and waypoints from many european countries with information about airport names, frequency and runway information. A "double tab" on any point on the map shows this additional information.
By the support of the OpenAir file format, any airspaces (including gliding sectors) can be shown on the map.
Especially helpful: After downloading the desired maps (completely free) as well as the airspace files, VFRnav works completely offline and does not require an existing data connection at any time. Not even a SIM must be available in your smartphone. (Advise: For optimal battery life it is recommended to switch on the flight mode during your trip)
With the track recording feature you can track any flights. Tracks can be exported as KML files and/or sent by e-mail . Flown routes can be shown on Google Earth. The flight time recording also automatically records time and place of takeoff and landing and calculates the time of flight.
The development of VFRnav is made ​​in close contact with the users. We set a high value on the intuitive use and usability as well as an Android typical app-design. In the current second version many ideas and suggestions have been implemented which have reached us in the past few months by e-mail. Thank you at this point for the extensive feedback.
The basic functions of VFRnav can be tested without any time limitation. If you like VFRnav, you can purchase a license for currently 49,95 Euros. This will give you free updates for one year. After the 12 months a lower priced update license can be purchased. VFRnav itself can be used unlimited.
By the way: The license is personal but not linked to any specific device. If you use multiple Android devices with the same Google account, your license is valid on all your devices.
Requirements: For the real time air navigation a device with GPS is required. Furthermore your smartphone or tablet needs at least 200 MB of free space. VFRnav has been tested on Android 2.2 up to 6.0 (Marshmallow) . A minimum display resolution of 480x800 pixels is recommended.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.
Disclaimer: Please note that VFRnav is not an officially approved aid for the flight preparation and air navigation. A guarantee for the correctness and completeness of data cannot be given. We are not responsible for any use of this application. Please check the data displayed always with official maps of aviation.
VFRnav est une application de navigation aérienne pour les pilotes VFR. FLARM.
在著名的IC的移动地图* O型风格支持与导航试验,从而留下时间flighing的光明的一面。
集成的数据库包括来自许多欧洲国家有关机场的名字,频率和跑道信息的信息超过4500机场和航点。 A“双卡”在地图上的任何一点显示了这种附加信息。
特别有用:在下载所需的地图(完全免费)以及空域文件之后,VFRnav工作完全脱机并且不要求在任何时候一个现有的数据连接。甚至不是一个SIM必须在您的智能手机使用。 (提醒:为了获得最佳的电池寿命,建议在飞行模式切换您的旅途中)
VFRnav的基本功能,可以没有任何时间限制地进行测试。如果你喜欢VFRnav,您可以购买当前49,95欧元的许可证。这会给你免费升级一年。 12个月后,价格较低的更新许可证就可以买到。 VFRnav本身可以使用无限。
要求:实时空中导航需要与GPS设备。此外,你的智能手机或平板电脑至少需要200 MB的可用空间。 VFRnav已经在Android 2.2进行了测试高达6.0(棉花糖)。建议采用480x800像素的最小显示分辨率。
VFRnav EST UNE应用德导航aérienne倒Les Pilotes酒店VFR。 FLARM。

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此版本中的新功能:18.09.2012: Kalibrieren Sie Ihre eingescannten Anflugkarten für die Darstellung in VFRnav: http://www.flugbetrieb.com/georef/
Die wichtigsten Änderungen der Version 2.9 vom 04.09.2012:
Das Kartenmaterial (VFR) von Deutschland, Österreich und Schweiz wurde aktualisiert. Verschiedene Detailverbesserungen der Kartendarstellung machen die neuen Karten noch übersichtlicher. Wir empfehlen die Karten über die Kartenverwaltung zu aktualisieren.
Bitte melden Sie Fehler direkt an mail@flugbetrieb.com

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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