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Metronome 2 Demo

Metronome 2 Demo

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Metronome 2 Demo 截图

Metronome 2 Demo Metronome 2 Demo Metronome 2 Demo Metronome 2 Demo Metronome 2 Demo Metronome 2 Demo

Metronome 2 Demo 描述

Super tight metronome with great GUI, presets, setlists and user sounds...

Demo playback time extended to 5 minutes from app start. To get another 5 minutes of playback just restart the app. You can do this as many times as you wish. Apart from this the demo is identical to the real paid app.

New features include:

- presets and setlists - store up to 1000 presets and 200 setlists with 100 presets each
- visual beat indication
- user sounds - import and use your own sounds from wav files on your SD card
- a set of user sounds available for download from our website
- user selectable accent on any beat
- user selectable silence on any beat
- automatic delay time calculator
- classic mode option - tempo increments work as on an classic old school metronome
- Italian tempo markings

And the old features remain the same:

- intuitive and easy to use
- sample accurate sound engine
- cool graphical user interface
- easy to see in the dark
- big play button
- big tempo mode
- stays perfectly tight all the time

This is the best and most accurate metronome for Android money can buy !

Created by musicians for musicians...

...and please, do us a favor:
Read the manual carefully before posting any negative comments. Enjoy :-)



The only limitation is that playback will not be available after 5 minutes of runtime.
In order to playback again, you would need to restart the app.

Apart from that, you can do whatever you want - import sounds, create presets, setlists, etc. for unlimited amount of time.


And finally, make sure to check our website for the latest info.

-Flying Saucer Apps


Twitter: http://twitter.com/flyingsaucerapp
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Flying-Saucer-Apps/162510700431546

Metronome 2 Demo 更新内容


New features:

- disabling screen lock now works all the time, not just during playback

- new button for flash light control added to the preset mode screen

- in-app links to user sounds, manual and our facebook fan page added

- loaded preset is now automatically selected and highlighted in the list in preset mode view

Bugs fixed:

- setlist would disappear after the screen has been put to sleep - fixed

Link to real app:


Metronome 2 Demo 历史版本

Metronome 2 Demo 使用技巧

Metronome 2 Demo 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上
Flying Saucer Apps

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