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LookSee Animator

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LookSee Animator LookSee Animator LookSee Animator LookSee Animator LookSee Animator LookSee Animator LookSee Animator LookSee Animator

LookSee Animator 描述

LookSee Animator lets you create time-lapse and stop-motion animations on your phone or tablet using either the main camera or front-facing camera, with complete control over exposure, focus mode, color balance, and effects. Capture frames using a timer, proximity sensor, sound triggering, motion detection, or by clicking a button.
You can also connect to LookSee Animator from another device using LookSee Remote, and control it remotely over a Bluetooth connection.
Once you've captured frames, preview and edit your animation, then create and share a video in AVI, FLV, MP4 or Quicktime (MOV) formats (requires LookSee Encoder).
LookSee Animator also lets you convert a video into a series of still images, and re-make them into different videos with various effects.
Note: Picture and preview resolution is limited only by your device's screen resolution. "HD" mode creates pictures at the highest resolution your device can take pictures at, while non-HD mode uses your device's preview resolution.
Note: Video encoding and extraction requires the LookSee Encoder package, available separately.
*NEW*: You can now create animated GIFs from within LookSee Animator, without having to purchase and install LookSee Encoder.
Also, if there are issues on your device, please let us know through the comments or an e-mail, and it will be fixed if possible.
Note: As of version 1.2, there is a new permission for reading device system logs. This is *not* used for probing sensitive information. It is only for reading system logs in the event there is a problem with the application that requires debugging information to solve.
注:图片和预览分辨率仅受您的设备的屏幕分辨率的限制。 “HD”模式创建的照片的最高分辨率的设备可以在拍照,而非HD模式使用设备的预览分辨率。

LookSee Animator 更新内容

* NEW: Animated GIF support.
*NOTE*: Some Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 devices are known to freeze when capturing frames in "HD" mode. To fix, turn off HD mode. There will be very little difference in the generated capture frames.

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摄影图像 美化 图像编辑
Android 2.3.2 以上

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