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Fonality HUD Mobile - PBXtra & Connect
Note:This application is compatible with PBXtra & Connect product lines. If you are a trixbox Pro customer, please download the other app enritled "Fonality HUD Mobile - trixbox"
Fonality’s cloud based mobile solution is able to remove communication barriers and address the concerns of multiple devices and phone numbers. Fonality’s Heads Up Display (HUD) Mobile solution provides a secure mobile platform that allows SMB companies to focus on their core business while increasing employee productivity away from the office. Connect with the right person, with the right information, anywhere, every time!
NOTE: This new service is available to a limited audience and requires special licensing on your Fonality system in order to connect your mobile device. If you were invited to download this application, please continue and notify your Fonality contact when installation is complete so we may enable and configure the service for you.
HUD Mobile creates a unified mobile workforce with access to the same telephony features and functionality (including contact center features) regardless of location.
- Location options to direct inbound calls
- Control live calls or transfer to desk or cell phone
- Voice over Wi-Fi calling
- Visual voicemail
- Secure chat with colleagues
- Real-time presence capabilities
- Access your company directory
- Virtual conference rooms
- Monitor agents & staff activity
- Record calls on the fly
- Log in and out of queues
- Barge, monitor, whisper agent calls
Visit fonality.com/hud to learn more about how your business can benefit from a stress free, cloud-based mobile solution.

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Android 2.1.x 以上 , 4.2.2 以下

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