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foneSherpa Mobile Security

foneSherpa Mobile Security

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foneSherpa Mobile Security foneSherpa Mobile Security foneSherpa Mobile Security foneSherpa Mobile Security foneSherpa Mobile Security foneSherpa Mobile Security

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Fonesherpa is the ultimate cloud based mobile backup, anti-theft security and privacy protector software all in one service. The software has been built to ensure minimal battery life is consumed and 1000s of man hours have been poured to ensure the service runs beautifully smooth on all devices.

foneSherpa back up stores all your phone contacts, SMS, calendar, photos to fonesherpa cloud (www.fonesherpa.com). If you lose your phone, foneSherpa phone tracker can help you find your phone with a scream by remotely activating the alarm and display a reward message for the honest person who has found your phone! Fonesherpa locks your phone and wipes your personal data in case he wants to resell the phone if has been stolen. All of your backed up data can be restored to another mobile device regardless of original device, all for free. It takes care of security of your phone as well.


*You can track, wipe and lock your device.

*If the thief puts in a new SIM into your dead stolen device you will be alerted to the number.

* Antivirus: Helps block malware, spyware, and trojans

* Schedule daily or weekly scans. Get automatic, over-the-air, protection against the latest threats

Privacy Protector
*Scan which apps are taking your information
*Block stalkers and people you don’t want to get pestered by with call blocker
*Block SMS and

Find My Phone: This feature helps
* Locate your lost or stolen phone on a Google map even if GPS is turned off!
* Activate a loud alarm, even if your phone or tablet is on silent
* Log in to your fonesherpa account to locate your phone from any web browser, anywhere!

Backup & Restore
* Securely backup your contacts, photos, SMSs, calendar on fonesherpa cloud.
* Restore them to an existing mobile device

* Safe Browsing: Block phishing and malware sites from links in text messages, on the web, and more.
* Remote Lock & Wipe: Securely lock your phone if it's lost or stolen to prevent others from accessing your phone and remotely delete sensitive data on your phone if needed.
* Privacy Advisor: Identify which apps can access your sensitive data like contacts, location, SMS text messages & identity info.
* Advanced Backup: Backup and restore photos and call history in addition to contacts. Restore them to a new device.

NOTE:-Android 4.0 devices are currently not supported.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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