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Hi!Way 描述

Don’t be a Distracted Driver! Safely receive & send messages while on the road.

Move over Siri... Hi!Way does what you really need, WHEN you need it most: safe voice-controlled messaging while driving.

Hi!Way is a sophisticated speech-to-text / text-to-speech app that lets you listen and reply to texts and emails while you're driving – totally handsfree.


• Speakerphone; or

• Headphones (with mic); or

• Most media-supported Bluetooth* devices


• Listen to incoming texts and emails while you’re driving

• Reply by voice and have the message returned as a text or email

• Say, “Ignore”, if you don’t want to hear the incoming message at that moment (it stays in the messaging application so you can see it later)

• Say, “Call”, if you’d prefer to ring back

• Option to check your voice reply message for transcription accuracy before Hi!Way sends it

• Auto mode (if you select this mode: Hi!Way automatically launches and runs when your driving speed exceeds 5mph, then automatically shuts off when motion is no longer detected. You never need to remember to turn Hi!Way On or Off!)


• 100%% handsfree! No more distracted driving, no more traffic citations

• Utilizes industry-leading speech-to-text and text-to-speech technology to provide the best possible user experience and app performance

• Simple UI, with comprehensive Settings so you can fully customize your Hi!Way experience on the road or off

• No need to submit all your contacts to our server: Hi!Way works without them


• Click here to see the list of Android handsets, Bluetooth devices and headphones with which our team has tested Hi!Way: http://hiway.me/support/

• Please check here: http://hiway.me/support/#knownissues for device-specific Known Issues and our recommended fixes.

*If you find that your Bluetooth does not work with Hi!Way, you can still use the app with headphones or by listening/replying via speakerphone.

Hi!Way 更新内容


Significant improvements in overall performance include:

- New speech recognition engine* (Nuance) for improved accuracy.

- Ability to turn off the audio command prompts (see Settings).

- Tested on Android 2.2+ (Froyo); 2.3+ (Gingerbread); and 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich).

- Revised EULA: we made sure that your data remains YOUR data, not ours!

- Major bug fixes.

*Punctuation can be added during dictation. For example: “How are you question mark” will give you the text: “How are you?”

Hi!Way 历史版本

Hi!Way 信息

休闲益智 休闲
Android 2.2.x 以上
4DK Technologies, Inc.



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