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Quick App Launcher

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Quick App Launcher Quick App Launcher Quick App Launcher Quick App Launcher Quick App Launcher

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QLauncher is the fastest way to find and launch apps on your Android phone! Qlauncher also keeps track of the most recently used apps and displays them on top. No need to scroll through long lists of apps, or going to multiple screens. Have hundreds of apps and can't find the right app quickly enough? No problem - just type in a few letters from your apps name and QLauncher will instantly display matching apps. . So the apps you most often used are just a click away. Just touch the app you want and it gets launched. It takes less than a second to launch any app - no matter how many apps you have installed on your Android phone. The QLauncher icon is always visible in the notification window on top - so it is always available when you need it. Once installed QLauncher will scan your list of apps the first time you run it - after that it can find and run the apps instantly.
QLauncher是找到和你的Andr​​oid手机上运行应用程序的最快方法! Qlauncher也保持最近使用的应用程序的轨道,并显示在顶部。无需通过应用程序的长列表中滚动,或将多个屏幕。有数百个应用程序,并不能找到合适的应用程序的速度不够快?没问题 - 只要您的应用程序名称输入几个字母,然后QLauncher会立即显示匹配的应用程序。 。所以,你最常用的应用程序都只是一个点击即可。只需触摸你想要的应用程序,它就会被启动。它需要不到一秒钟可以启动任何应用程序 - 无论你有多少应用程序安装在Android手机上。该QLauncher图标总是在顶部的通知窗口中看到 - 所以它总是可用的,当你需要它。一旦安装QLauncher会扫描你的应用程序列表中的第一次运行它 - 毕竟它可以找到并立即运行的应用程序。

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此版本中的新功能:- Updated to track all apps that are installed/uninstalled and add/remove them automatically from Qlauncher , without re-scanning apps list.

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Android 1.5 以上
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