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Alarm Weather (Alarm Clock) Alarm Weather (Alarm Clock) Alarm Weather (Alarm Clock) Alarm Weather (Alarm Clock) Alarm Weather (Alarm Clock)

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*** Used by thousands of users all over the world ***
Alarm Weather is an innovative alarm clock app that combines both time and weather to create the ultimate alarm clock application that adjusts your wake-up time to allow for inclement weather. Alarm Weather allows you to set different alarms according to different weather conditions. You chose the alarm time corresponding to the weather condition as reported by the weather service.
Our habits and travel plans often change depending on the weather conditions. If it's sunny you may prefer to go to school or to work on foot or by bicycle. If it's raining or snowing you may need additional time to drive or clean windows or catch a bus. In these cases, Alarm Weather can wake you up at a earlier time so you arrive at your job on time and not late. Circumstances and activities always influence people's schedule.
So why waking up before if you don't need it? And why being always late?
Alarm Weather wakes you up or lets you sleep following your necessities.
Therefore, enjoy your sleep and be sure to be always on time!
Starting from now, being late for work because of weather is a thing of the past!
The weather retrieval is based on Yahoo! service or by The Weather Channel.
- MULTILINGUAL (English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese)
- Location aware - Automatically locates your current position
- Insert city manually (finding city in different languages)
- Snooze supported
- Set maximum number of snooze repetitions
- Snooze delay customizable
- Music customizable for each weather condition
- Daily repetition customizable
- Weather conditions supported: Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy, Snowy.
- Ability to set the alarm also without city awareness (like a normal alarm clock)
- It's possible to move the app to SDcard
- Vibration optional
- Option to play alarm even with device is in silent mode
- Option to enable automatically the WiFi connection if the service was not active. The previous status is restored after checking the weather.
- Ability to globally set the time of all weather conditions
- Ability to disable the notification
- Ability to change the main background color
- Ability to modify the volume of the alarm
- Ability to set the timeout of the alarm when it rings
- Preference for the gradual awakening (increasing volume)
★ "Undoubtedly, this is a great idea and really useful if the weather depends on your decisions, like going to work by car or public transport." (www.AndroidZoom.com) ★
By Framentos Developers (www.framentos.com)
- 多国语言(英语,意大利语,法语,西班牙语,德语,葡萄牙语)
- 位置感知 - 自动定位你的当前位置
- 插入手动城(在不同的语言找到城市)
- 贪睡支持
- 贪睡重复设置最大数量
- 贪睡延迟定制
- 自定义的音乐为每个天气状况
- 每日重复定制
- 天气条件支持:晴天,阴天,雨天,雪。
- 能够也设置报警无城市意识(像一个正常的闹钟)
- 这是可能的应用程序移动到SD卡
- 振动可选
- 选择甚至与设备上播放警报处于静音模式
- 选择自动启用WiFi连接,如果服务不活跃。检查天气后以前的状态被恢复。
- 在全球范围内设置的各种天气条件下的时间能力
- 能够禁用通知
- 有能力改变的主要背景色
- 能够修改报警的音量
- 有能力铃响时设置报警超时
- 偏好的逐步觉醒(提高音量)
★“毫无疑问,这是一个伟大的想法,真正有用的,如果天气取决于你的决定,就像去乘汽车或公共交通工具上下班。” (www.AndroidZoom.com)★

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Android 2.2.x 以上
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