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List~Partage (Share Lists)

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List~Partage (Share Lists) List~Partage (Share Lists) List~Partage (Share Lists) List~Partage (Share Lists)

List~Partage (Share Lists) 描述

Shared Multi-Purpose Lists from any Internet or Mobile Browser!
This should be the most Versatile and Flexible List Sharing Tool you will find! By the way, ‘Partage’ means ‘Share’, in French… Just thought it would be a good name. Be warned, since this is a web-based list sharing application, it does require a data connection in order to use it!
This application provides “Shared Multi-Purpose Lists, accessible from any Internet or Mobile Browser”. And these are truly shared lists, updated real-time for everyone!
What’s the difference between this List Application compared to most others??
1. All your information is stored on the web! You can’t lose your list information.
2. You can share lists with people that have any other type of phone, no Droid phone necessary.
If you are looking for a complex ToDo List application with features such as Calendar or Percent Complete functions, this is not the right application for you. This application is meant to help you easily Share Lists with anyone, on any phone or computer, in real-time. With List~Partage you can create Multi-Purpose, General Lists, with functions such as:
- Automated Notifications of list changes
- Ability to Set Reminders for any items within your lists
- Easily send your full list to multiple recipients
- Log on to your lists account from any internet point
How to start sharing lists:
1. Create the List you want to share, name it
2. In the “List Options”, click on “Sharing”
3. Click “Invite New Participants”, enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite
An email will then be sent to the people you have invited; they can then click on the link in order to accept the List Invitation. Then, Start Sharing and watch as the same list stays updated for the both of you, real-time, no “synching” needed! Also, if you want, you can restrict what people can do within the lists in which you are the owner; you can make it so other people can only view the shared list items, but can’t update, for example. And you are not limited to the amount of people that can share a list!
If you want to Share Lists with people that do not have an Android Phone, they will need to visit www.listpartage.com on their device’s browser (or computer browser of course). Since this application is web friendly, whether you are using this Android Application or viewing it on the web, they look almost exactly the same!
Look at the screen shots to see the lists that I personally use, it will give you a good idea of what List~Partage is best used for. Of course, some of the most popular lists are ToDo Lists and Grocery Lists, but don’t limit yourself to those, get some lists in there such as “Wish Lists”, “Books to Read”, “Restaurants to Visit”, etc…
* This is the free version; soon there will be an advertisement in there. Coming soon is a ‘Pro’ version; this version will allow you to have 2 widgets (Easy-Add widget and Multi-List-View widget), as well as other special features that are in the works, and of course no ads in the Pro version.
~ CREATE multi-purpose lists ~ SHARE them with multiple people, open participation ~ Receive instant NOTIFICATIONS when lists change, or on a scheduled basis ~ Setup REMINDERS for list items ~ DISTRIBUTE your lists to anyone!

List~Partage (Share Lists) 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:* Quick Fix to solve Text Entry issue. Added a Splash Screen and Enhanced to the Web Browser Loading & Handling of Orientation Changes. Also made a few adjustments to speed up browser processing.

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Android 2.1.x 以上

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