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Free Golf GPS APP - FreeCaddie

Free Golf GPS APP - FreeCaddie

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Free Golf GPS APP - FreeCaddie Free Golf GPS APP - FreeCaddie Free Golf GPS APP - FreeCaddie Free Golf GPS APP - FreeCaddie Free Golf GPS APP - FreeCaddie Free Golf GPS APP - FreeCaddie

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The Original Golf GPS App, with most accurate Golf GPS Coordinates and Golf Course Maps, FreeCaddie is the completely free golf GPS rangefinder for your Android device. With over 30,000 mapped golf courses available you'll be able to just download a course and play golf.
If you like Simple, Easy To Read Distances to the Green, this is the original and the best Golf GPS App. Now works with the Pebble Watch!
Use FreeCaddie for as long as you like. If you decide you want more you can upgrade to FreeCaddie Pro which adds an overhead Map display, multi-player Scorecard, Statistics and Trends tracking and more. Or add the Audio Updates feature, which will announce the distance to the center of the green automatically when you get to your ball - hands-free!
- 30,000 Golf Courses and the Most Accurate Golf GPS Data in the World!
- Very clear and easy to read distances to the center, back and front of the green
- Distances to other markers, like bunkers, hazards, and doglegs
- Auto Scrolling Markers for Easier Navigation
- Introduction to Gold Pass (Coming)
- Easy Golf Course Finder
- Personal scoring that can synchronize to the Scorecard of other players running FreeCaddie Pro.
- Auto-hole advance option
- See the distances on your watch: works with Pebble and Sony Smartwatch 2
- Lock screen widget: see distances without unlocking your phone (Android 4.2-4.4 only)
- Audio Updates upgrade available for $2.99 USD.
FreeCaddie Pro is on about.com's list of the Five Best iPhone Golf GPS applications. Read the article here:
使用FreeCaddie,只要你喜欢。如果你决定你想要更多,你可以升级到专业版FreeCaddie它增加了一个架空的地图显示,多种播放记分卡,统计数据和趋势追踪等等。或添加音频更新功能,当你到你的球,它会自动公布绿色中心的距离 - 免提!
- 30000高尔夫球场,并在世界上最精确的高尔夫GPS数据!
- 非常清晰,容易阅读距离为中心,背部和果岭前
- 距离其他标记,像碉堡,危害和狗腿
- 自动滚动标记,便于浏览
- 介绍金通(即将)
- 易高尔夫球场搜索
- 个人得分,可以同步运行FreeCaddie Pro的其他球员的记分卡。
- 自动孔提前选择
- 参见手表上的距离:适用于卵石和索尼Smartwatch折价2
- 锁屏小工具:看到没有距离解锁你的手机(Android的4.2-4.4只)
- 音频更新升级提供$ 2.99美元美元。
FreeCaddie Pro是五大最佳iPhone高尔夫GPS应用的about.com的名单。在这里阅读文章:

Free Golf GPS APP - FreeCaddie 更新内容

Keep Screen On feature now has "always" option.
Tee times and Gold Passes integrated for participating courses.
Changes designed to reduce battery use.
Various bug fixes and performance improvements.
(*** Note: If you have Android 2.2 you may want to avoid updating to this version as it has caused problems for many users with Android 2.2.x)

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Android 3.0.x 以上
Google Play

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