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Get the Financial Times on your Android phone and tablet.* The app is automatically optimised for the screen size of your device, giving you the best experience of the FT in any format.
Enjoy the FT's award-winning global news, video, comment and analysis, with automatic downloads of the most recent edition to read even when you don't have a signal.
- Free to download
- Registration allows 3 articles per month as well as giving access to your FT.com portfolio.
- Subscribers have unlimited access on all FT.com outlets - phone, tablet and desktop
- Premium subscribers also get the Financial Times' incisive Lex column and exclusive newsletters
- Users in India get a specially customised front page
The app is integrated with your FT.com account login and settings. This application allows users to register or subscribe on device securely via FT.com. Once you have signed up, or upgraded your account, please switch back to the app and enjoy your new level of access.
If you have any feedback on our Android app, please email appfeedback@ft.com. With over 2000 Android devices in the market we have tested on many but haven’t managed to cover all combinations. If you have issues with your particular handset then we would love to hear from you. Please include details of which Android device you are using, and OS version if you know it.
The all-new FT Android app
We have redesigned the FT Android app from the ground up, with a new, cleaner layout and a host of new features, new content and additional functionality including recommended reads. For the first time it will have videos, embedded slideshows and hi-res images optimised for a small screen, plus a clearer design making it easier to navigate. The app is available to download for free from Google Play. For more information visit http://apps.ft.com/home/web-app/.
Key Features
· Your personalised FT: My FT is a personalised hub where you can keep all the content that interests you in one place – saved articles, recommended reads, recently-read stories and your portfolio summary.
· Stories brought to life, with videos, embedded slideshows and hi-res images giving you a richer reading experience.
· Easier to read, with a clean design that gives more room for news and easy swiping from one article to the next.
· Morning edition, on large-screen devices presents content as per that morning’s newspaper – and won’t update throughout the day, giving you a reading experience as close to the paper as possible. Prefer to get updated on the latest news as it comes in throughout the day? Just switch back to the Live Edition.
· Improved navigation makes it easier and faster to find the content that matters most to you. Find what you're looking for in an instant.
· Frequently downloads the latest FT content, allowing seamless offline usage when there's no live connection
· Access full markets data section including market gainers and losers, currencies, commodities and bonds
· View stock performance summaries with detailed business profile information, estimates and targeted news
*App runs on Android 4.2 and above.
FT Weekend now looks even better with our new app edition, giving you a beautifully designed way to enjoy our arts and lifestyle coverage wherever you are at the weekend. Read food and drink reviews, enjoy Lunch with the FT or browse through style pages, all through your smartphone or tablet. From celebrated book commentaries to an intelligent look at global travel, property and culture - there is something to delight and inspire all of our readers.
Do you want to try our latest new features? please feel free to join our Beta program at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/ft-beta-testing
- 免费下载
- 注册允许每月3篇文章以及给予访问您的FT.com的投资组合。
- 订户对所有FT.com网点无限制的访问 - 手机,平板电脑和台式机
- 高级用户还可以得到金融时报“尖锐Lex专栏和独家新闻简报
- 在印度的用户获得了专门定制的头版
全新的FT Android应用
我们重新设计从地上爬起来的FT Android应用程序,一个新的,更清洁的布局和新的功能,新的内容和附加功能的主机包括推荐的读取。第一次就会有视频,幻灯片嵌入式和一个小屏幕优化的高分辨率图像,再加上一个更清晰的设计使其更易于浏览。该应用程序可下载从谷歌玩免费。欲了解更多信息,请访问http://apps.ft.com/home/web-app/。
·您的个性化金融时报:我的FT是一个个性化的枢纽,你可以将所有您感兴趣的在一个地方的内容 - 保存的文章,推荐阅读,最近阅读的故事和你的投资组合摘要。
·上午版,在大屏幕设备呈现为每那天早晨的报纸内容 - 全天将不会更新,让你尽可能接近纸张尽可能阅读体验。喜欢得到更新的最新消息,因为它全天进来?只需切换回现场版。
*应用程序运行在Android 4.2及以上。
FT周末现在看起来更好的与我们的新的应用程序版本,给你一个设计精美的方式来享受我们的艺术和生活方式的覆盖,无论你是在周末。阅读食品和饮料的评论,与FT享用午餐或通过样式页面浏览,通过你的智能手机或平板电脑。从著名的图书评论到智能看看全球旅游,房地产和文化 - 有东西喜悦和激励所有的读者。

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Recent changes:
1. New section - FirstFT
2. General crash fixes.
3. New section - US Election
4. New Sign in and account status overlays.
5. Added refresh button.

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Android 4.2 以上

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