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Words With Cheaters Free

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Words With Cheaters Free Words With Cheaters Free Words With Cheaters Free Words With Cheaters Free Words With Cheaters Free Words With Cheaters Free

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Want to always win in your favorite word games? Use Words With Cheaters!
New - Now featuring a one of a kind "Board Solver", with screenshot import (not all words game screenshots are supported), to solve the board and show you exactly where to play in your favorite word games!
Unsure about the best play in your favorite word game? Does it seem like your “friends” must be cheating because they always play higher scoring words than you? Download Words With Cheaters and the tables will be turned since you’ll always know the highest scoring play!
An incredible board solver the tries your letters in every possible spot on the board and tells you the absolute best plays (taking into account blank tiles, all board bonus tiles, etc)
An ultra fast word finder that finds all possible words (and their point values) that you could play
A word checker to check if a word is valid or not
A crossword helper to use when stumped in your favorite crossword puzzles
A dictionary to look up the meaning of all of the new words you’ll be playing (in case anyone calls YOU a cheater)
General Details:
Click on a word in the results list to lookup the definition from an online dictionary.
Use the menu button to change preferences such as the min and max word length that you would like to see in the results as well as the game that you are playing.
Selecting the correct game is important because this determines which word list will be used when searching for the results as well as how many points each word is worth. Many of the most popular games are supported.
Use the menu button to access the help screen at any point in the app.
Use the standard Android multi-tasking capability to switch between Words With Cheaters and your word game. This is done by holding down the home button on most devices.
Board Solver Details:
Enter your tiles in the text box at the top (using question mark “?” for blank tiles) and then drag letters down onto the board image to duplicate a current board you would like to solve. Long press on a placed letter to remove it from the board. Press the solve button. The top results and their point values will appear in a horizontal scrolling list near the top of the screen. Press any result to see its position on the board. Long press on a result to see the definition for that word. Use the menu button to manage multiple boards (new, open, save, delete) or to switch the game type. The free version is limited to only 15 letters allowed on the board you are solving and the top 3 results are hidden. The paid version removes these limitations.
Word Finder Details:
Enter your tiles and (optionally) enter any letters on the board that you would like to play across. Board letters will be highlighted in a different color in the results to assist when you go to play that word on the board. Use the question mark character (“?”) for your blank tiles. You can also sort the results by point value, word length, or alphabetically.
Word Checker Details:
Enter an exact word that you would like to check to see if it is valid.
Crossword Details:
Enter the exact number of letters for the word you are trying to solve, using the letters you know and the question mark character (“?”) for letters you don’t know.
Beat the cheaters!
Permissions needed only to download ads and look up word definitions.
新的 - 现在配备了一间独一无二的“局解算器”,用屏幕截图导入(不是所有的单词游戏截图都支持),解决了电路板,并显示您的确切位置在您最喜爱的文字游戏玩!

Words With Cheaters Free 更新内容

1.3.7/.8 Release
Updated ad sdks and link to paid app.
1.3.6 Release
Improved board solver display on higher resolution devices
1.3.5 Release
Initial set of fixes to the import screenshot feature on 720x1280 devices, which were needed due to a recent WWF UI update
1.3.X Releases
Improved screenshot support: 480x800 and 720x1280 officially supported and other resolutions will work but with slightly less accuracy
Send screenshots from your device via support email to get your device supported.

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