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Intelligence One-liners

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Intelligence One-liners Intelligence One-liners

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These are liners that you really don't want people to be using to describe you.

These are one-liners that you really don't want people to be using to describe you. I think it's nicer to use these though instead of saying that someone is just unintelligent. If they aren't intelligent though, they may not understand what you're saying about them. If they're the type to seek revenge that may just be to your benefit. Use just for fun only.

Features :
1. Black app. Seriously, when was the last time that somebody put this as a feature?! Well, you will stay in my apps for so long that I did your phone's battery a favour by coloring app in black. Yes, black on new screens drains less battery, that is why Gingerbread is black themed too. Nice from me, right? ;)
2. Funny stuff. For real.
3. Favorite fun stuff. Select them by browsing them.
4. Links to market so you can download more of my funny stuff.
6. Share fun stuff with friends with one click.
5. Ads supported. Yeah, this is kind of a feature, because without ads there would be no apps, see?

app tags : fun, laugh, teen, joke, women, woman, man, men, quote, intelligence, bright, one-liner, iq, dumb, numb, thought, smart, stupid, remark, funfactoryappstag

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