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Word of Promise Word of Promise Word of Promise Word of Promise Word of Promise Word of Promise Word of Promise Word of Promise Word of Promise Word of Promise

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FREE: The entire NKJV Gospel of John (2 hours, 14 minutes) text, study notes and audio featuring Lou Gossett, Jr. as John. The full text of the KJV and RV1909 are also included for free.
Bonus: At any time you can purchase the complete Word of Promise® Audio Bible Old & New Testament which includes the complete NKJV Bible text and the complete NKJV Study Bible (Concordance, Scripture References, Word Studies and more).
The Word of Promise® Audio Bible is a scripted dramatization of the trusted New King James Version (NKJV) of the Bible presented in a compelling, dramatic audio theater format. The audio project took over 4 years to produce and features an All Star Cast including the talents of actors: Jim Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ and Person of Interest) (plays the role of Jesus), Michael York (narrator), Richard Dreyfuss (Moses), Gary Sinise (David), Jesse McCartney (young David and Daniel), Stacy Keach (Paul and Job), Ernie Hudson (Peter), Sean Austin (Elihu), Malcolm McDowell (Solomon), Joan Allen (Deborah), Lou Diamond Phillips (Mark), Luke Perry (Judas), Harry Hamlin (Nehemiah), and Martin Jarvis (voice of God). Complete with production by AFTRA Award winner Carl Amari (The Twilight Zone™ Radio Dramas), an original music score by prolific Italian composer Stefano Mainetti (Abba Pater & The Shooter), and movie-quality sound effects produced, engineered, and mixed at Cerny American Creative in Chicago—an award-winning facility ranked in the Top 3 in the nation for sound design headed by director JoBe Cerny. Over 90 hours of audio.
In addition to this amazing audio, the Word of Promise App features:
• Complete text of New King James Version Bible synchronized with audio to the verse
• Search and Go directly to any verse to hear and see the Bible instantly
• Bookmark, highlight or write you own notes
• Use the built-in playlists to access pre-programmed plans that take you through the New Testament in 40 days or the entire Bible in Chronological (timeline) order
• Sleep timer
• Christ words highlighted in red
• Support for headphone pause and play buttons
• Remembers where you left off
• The entire 90-hours of standard audio only uses 1.4 GB or if you have the space or turn on the enhanced audio which uses 4 GB.
At any time you can add the NKJV Study Bible resources and utilize this powerful app for deeper understanding and study which includes:
• Over 15,000 verse-by-verse study notes
• 150 Bible times and culture notes
• 114 articles on key Bible doctrines
• 350 word studies with Strong's numbers
• "Christ in the Scriptures" feature
• Topical index
• Deluxe Nelson concordance
• Full-color maps
**** If you experience issues with audio playback try changing the audio format to ogg from the menu->general settings page. ****
Promise®音频圣经的话语是圣经中的受信任的新国王詹姆斯版(NKJV)的戏剧脚本中一个引人注目的,戏剧性的音频影院格式提交。音频工程历时4年制作,并设有一个全明星阵容,包括演员的天赋:吉姆·卡维佐(基督和利益的人的激情)(耶稣扮演的角色),迈克尔·约克(解说员),理查德·德莱福斯(摩西),加里·辛尼斯(大卫),杰西·麦卡特尼(年轻的大卫和Daniel),斯泰西Keach(保罗和作业),厄尼·哈德森(彼得),肖恩·奥斯汀(伊莱休),马尔科姆·麦克道尔(所罗门),琼·艾伦(狄波拉) ,钻石楼菲利普斯(马克),卢克·佩里(犹大),哈利哈姆林(尼),马丁·贾维斯(上帝的声音)。完成产量AFTRA奖得主卡尔·阿马里(暮光之区™广播剧),一个原创音乐得分的多产意大利作曲家斯特凡诺万美(阿巴佩特和射击运动员),和电影品质的声音效果制作,设计和混合塞尔尼美国在创新芝加哥屡获殊荣的工厂排名前3的国家由主任乔布·塞尔尼为首的音效设计。超过90小时的音频。
•整个90小时的标准音频只使用了1.4 GB,或者如果你有空间或打开增强的音频,它使用4 GB。
****如果您在音频播放问题尝试改变音频格式的菜单 - >常规设置页面,OGG格式。 ****

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- Bug fixes

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