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Nectar - Offers and Rewards

Nectar - Offers and Rewards

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Nectar - Offers and Rewards Nectar - Offers and Rewards Nectar - Offers and Rewards Nectar - Offers and Rewards Nectar - Offers and Rewards Nectar - Offers and Rewards

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Treats all around this summer! Exchange 1,000 Nectar points (worth £5) for 2 pizzas at PizzaExpress or 2 Vue cinema tickets. Download the free Nectar app now, for offers just for you. Once logged in (scan your Nectar card), you can:
* Easily see your updated points balance and last 8 transactions
* Use the in-app Wallet for eCodes and Offers; store and view eCodes that you have redeemed points on (for Caffe Nero, PizzaExpress, Photobox and Virgin Trains). Store and view offers you want to save and use
* Get instant notifications on the latest offers (and some surprises) in real time to your mobile (you’ll need to keep Push Notifications on!)
* Get new offers every week and discover ‘Collect’ and ‘Spend’ offers in our categories (from Technology to Fashion and much more)
* Keep up to date with great new ways to spend your points - including family days out, restaurant meals, cinema trips, holidays and gadgets
At Nectar we recognise that all our customers are individuals so the more you use the app, the more personal your offers will become.
It’s free and easy to get started:
* If you have a Nectar card and have registered already:
You can login to the app easily by scanning your Nectar card and password or entering your card number and the same password.
* If you have a Nectar card and haven’t registered on Nectar.com:
Just enter your card number in the app and follow the instructions to complete your registration.
★ We update the app on a regular basis with new features and other improvements- please email us if you have a suggestion or ANY questions, concerns or bugs, as we often use customer feedback to improve the app: Nectar_helpline@custhelp.com, Thank you in advance ☺
将所有解决这个夏天!交易所1000花蜜点(价值£5)在PizzaExpress 2比萨饼或2 Vue公司的电影票。立即下载免费的应用程序花蜜,只是给你优惠。一旦登录(扫描您的花蜜卡),您可以:
*使用应用程序内钱包的 eCodes和优惠; 的存储和查看eCodes的是您在兑换点(连锁店Caffe Nero PizzaExpress,Photobox和维京火车)。存储和查看提供你想要保存和使用
* 每星期获得新的优惠和发现的'收集'和'花'提供在我们的类别(从技术到时尚等等)
* 不断更新与伟大的新的方式来度过你的观点 - 包括家庭出游,餐厅用餐,电影院人次,节假日和小工具

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Android 2.3 以上

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