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TuneSkill SAT® is android application for preparing SAT® exams in the most efficient way (less reading/learning, higher scores).
Focus learning on question you and most people cannot answer correctly.
Practise 15 questions of adaptive test from the easiest question to the most difficult one.
Every questions has information of difficulty level that can compare your skill/knowledge to most people.
If you can handle questions that most people cannot answer, you are ready for the real test/exams. (Note: it would be very hard to get 100% score)
- Adaptive test (given harder question after correct answer, easier question if answer is incorrect)
- Drill Test with Easy, Medium, Hard difficulty level.
- Drill Test LearnByMistake, contains collection of questions that you cannot answer correctly in previous test.
- Difficulty level information in each question.
- Automatic adjustment on difficulty level based on usage statistics.
- Top Scores, compare your score (knowledge) with other people.
- Review latest test for incorrect answer.
- Google+, so you know when your friend using the app (good for competition).
- Test Materials are submitted by users around the world. If you find problem with test material, please contribute by informing correction, submitting new material, etc.
Android Permission Explained:
- Internet Access: for data synchronisation and ads.
- Coarse Location: to notify you if you are in the country where we have other app version (e.g. full version), usually under coverage of certain operator
- Discover Known Account: to automatically put your name when you want to post your score in our hall of fame (you can still skip posting the score or change your name).
- Read phone state and identify: to protect our test content in the device from piracy. no personal sensitive personal information is taken. (see http://www.androidcentral.com/look-application-permissions)
- SAT® is a registered trademark of the Collage Board, which neither sponsors nor endorses this application. All other test names are registered trademarks of their respective owners. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with Gadgetium or this application. Test names and other trademarks are the property of the respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with Gadgetium or this application.
- Gadgetium is not a test maker nor a testprep company. Gadgetium does not claim ownership of test material in this application.
- Gadgetium is technology company building test platform. Gadgetium offers services/affiliation to test makers and/or test-prep company.
- Test materials are submitted by users/contributors around the world. Test material can be defective, outdated, or do not represent actual test exams. User and/or contributors can report the defective, outdated, or not represent actual test exams to Gadgetium in order to get it fixed. The fixes will be conducted within our quarterly periodic review by prioritizing the test material with most reports.
- Gadgetium uses own scoring mechanism and does not reflect actual scoring system in actual test.
如果你能处理的问题,大多数人不能回答,你准备好真正的测试/考试。 (注:这将是很难获得100%的分数)
- 自适应测试(给出正确答案后更难回答的问题,更容易的问题,如果答案是不正确的)
- 钻测试与简单,中等,困难难度水平。
- 钻测试LearnByMistake,包括收集问题,你不能在之前的测试正确回答。
- 在每个问题的难度级别的信息。
- 自动调整基于使用情况的统计难度。
- 最高得分,比较你的分数(知识)与其他人。
- 查看最新测试不正确的答案。
- Google+的,所以你知道,当使用的应用程序(良好的竞争),你的朋友。
- 试验材料提交由世界各地的用户。如果发现问题,测试的材料,请告知校正,提交新的材料等贡献
- 互联网接入:用于数据同步和广告。
- 粗居民点:如果你是在国内,我们有其他的应用程序版本(例如完整版)通知您,通常是在一定范围运营商
- 发现已知帐户:自动把你的名字,当你想发布你的分数在我们的名人堂(你仍然可以跳过张贴分数或改变你的名字)。
- 读取手机状态和识别:保护我们免受盗版设备测试内容。没有个人的敏感个人信息的措施。 (见http://www.androidcentral.com/look-application-permissions)
- SAT®是拼贴局,既不赞助商的注册商标,也不赞同这个应用程序。所有其他的测试名称是其各自所有者的商标。无商标持有人都隶属于Gadgetium或者这个应用程序。测试名称和其他商标均为各自的商标持有人的财产。无商标持有人都隶属于Gadgetium或者这个应用程序。
- Gadgetium是不是测试机,也不是testprep公司。 Gadgetium不主张试验材料的所有权,这个应用程序。
- Gadgetium是技术公司,建设测试平台。 Gadgetium提供服务/从属关系,以测试制造商和/或测试准备的公司。
- 试验材料提交由世界各地的用户/贡献者。测试材料可以是有缺陷的,过时的,或并不代表实际测试的考试。用户和/或提供者可以报告有缺陷的,过时的,或并不代表实际测试考试,Gadgetium为​​了得到固定。该补丁将在我们的季度定期审查试验材料与大多数报告优先进行。
- Gadgetium使用自己的评分机制,并不能反映实际的评分系统在实际的测试。

SAT培训师 更新内容

- more intuitive and user friendly design
- more test modes (5 types) : Full Test, Easy, Medium, Hard, LearnByMistake
- introduce LearnByMistake test mode, containing questions cannot be answer by each user. Very useful for focus learning.on things not known by user.
- no longer support Android Gingerbread (minimum Android Honeycomb - 3

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考试学习 考试
Android 3.0.0 以上



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