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Kabuto Japanese Dictionary

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Kabuto Japanese Dictionary Kabuto Japanese Dictionary Kabuto Japanese Dictionary Kabuto Japanese Dictionary Kabuto Japanese Dictionary Kabuto Japanese Dictionary

Kabuto Japanese Dictionary 描述

Kabuto is a fast and accurate Japanese-English, English-Japanese, and kanji dictionary that gives you the power of a large dictionary on your android phone.

Key features:

* It's simple.
- Easy to use interface that makes searching a breeze.

* It's fast with results appearing as you type.

* It's accurate.
- Uses our unique scoring algorithm.
- Over 90%% accuracy for the top three results.

* It's comprehensive.
- Over 252,000 entries in seven dictionaries covering general, computer, medical, scientific, financial, and legal terms and kanji.

* It's small.
- Download only the dictionaries you need.
- Downloading all dictionaries only requires 12.3MBs
- Installing all dictionaries only requires 24.7MBs on SD card

* It's excellent for beginners and experts.
- Search words by kanji, reading, or meaning.
- Search kanji by kanji, reading, meaning, radicals, and stroke count
- View results and enter terms in kana or romaji. (under Preferences)
- Powerful search options under Settings.
- Includes stroke order animations for 1,945 Joyo kanji (Japanese educational standard).
- Add a result to your favorites list for later review.
- Browse past results in the history list.
- Copy result fields to the clipboard.
- Paste text in the search field.
- Does not require an Internet connection to use after initial dictionary download.

About permissions:
- Kabuto requires Internet access to download the dictionaries.
- Kabuto requires write access to the SD card to install the dictionaries.

Kabuto Japanese Dictionary 更新内容


1.04 - More bug fixes.

1.03 - Fixed bug causing dictionary installation to crash when rotated.

1.02 - Fixed bugs causing multiple word searches to fail.


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Kabuto Japanese Dictionary 信息

Android 2.2.x 以上

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