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Garanti Cep Şubesi

Garanti Cep Şubesi

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Garanti Cep Şubesi Garanti Cep Şubesi Garanti Cep Şubesi Garanti Cep Şubesi Garanti Cep Şubesi Garanti Cep Şubesi Garanti Cep Şubesi Garanti Cep Şubesi Garanti Cep Şubesi Garanti Cep Şubesi

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The management of your financials is on your mobile phone with Garanti Mobile Banking! With the Mobile Banking application that enables personal and corporate customers to easily perform all their banking transactions anywhere they want, you can perform your money transfers and payments, view the progress of your assets from past to present, track your income and expenditures, view your future cycle expenditures on the calendar, and perform many other banking transactions instantly.
Additionally, our corporate customers can view the transactions pending confirmation, and confirm the transactions through the notification system on Mobile Banking, within their authorization confirmation settings.
To use Mobile Banking, all you need is to have an Internet/Mobile Banking password. If you don't have a password, you can instantly get your password with your credit card or Paracard number by clicking on “Get Password”.

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• You can apply for Credit Deposit Account from Mobile Banking. You can view the amount allocated to your account and use it instantly.
• You can make an appointment for your branch transactions on our Mobile Banking app via Appointment Transactions function. Also, when you are in the branch, you can view the appointment ticket through the Get Ticket button in Appointment Transactions menu. (For limited number of customers only).

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金融理财 银行
Android 4.0.2 以上
T. Garanti Bankasi A.S.

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