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Garmin Navigator Garmin Navigator Garmin Navigator Garmin Navigator Garmin Navigator Garmin Navigator

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Garmin® Navigator turns your Android phone into a personal GPS, with features from the nüvi® personal navigators from Garmin, the IFA 2012 “App of the year” winner and leading US provider of personal navigation devices. With no data charges on the Telstra network after downloading the app and no ads, Navigator includes free basic navigation with premium features requiring a subscription or day pass.
FREE features include:
- Driving and walking directions that track progress on a map
- Always up-to-date maps for Australia with millions of included points of interest
- Navigate to addresses in your Contacts
- Continues navigating while you make and receive calls, etc.
- No data charges after downloading the app if you’re on the Telstra network and no ads
- Experience premium features for the first 7 days for free with no obligation to subscribe
Premium features (see Pricing below):
- Arrive at your destination with ease, with accurate turn-by-turn voice-guided Garmin navigation
- 3D junction views with lane guidance
- Multi-route trip planner and via points to add stops while en route
- Aussie pronunciation of instructions and street names
- Live traffic updates, flight information and detour button to get around roadblocks and congestion
- Speed camera and red light camera alerts
- Speed limits for most major roads, with speed limit warnings and Estimated Time of Arrival display
- Check in to Facebook® and Foursquare® on arrival and explore your city with integrated Facebook, Foursquare, and Wikipedia locations (data charges apply)
- 3D buildings and landmarks to aid navigation
- Avoid tolls, unpaved roads, highways, and major traffic events
- Personalised navigation with free voices and vehicles from the Garmin Garage
- Enhanced pedestrian navigation with train, tram and ferry routes in capital cities
Subscribe in-app to premium feature offers exclusive to Telstra Next G® customers:
• 24 hour pass ($1.95)
• Monthly subscription ($7.95), first month FREE for new customers
• 12 month pass ($69.95), save over 25% versus 12 x monthly payments
Post-Paid customer charges are included on your Telstra bill. Pre-Paid customer charges are deducted from your account balance.
Terms & Conditions can be found here: http://telstra.com.au/customerterms/home_mobile_dataserv.htm.
Data charges may apply for downloads from App Store, and when using Facebook, Foursquare, and Wikipedia locations.
Your subscription to this service will continue automatically unless you cancel it by selecting My Account from General Settings, pressing the manage button, and cancelling your renewing subscription. You will continue to have access until the renewal/expiry date.
Please note that restrictions on driver use, including specific restrictions on L and P plate drivers, exist in some States and Territories and you should check local rules. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Garmin is a trademark of Garmin Ltd or its subsidiaries, registered in the U.S. and other countries.
Android is a registered trade mark of Google Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
Facebook is a trademark of Facebook, Inc.
Foursquare is a trademark of Foursquare Labs, Inc.
Garmin®导航​​仪将您的Andr​​oid手机变成了个人的GPS,从来自Garmin的,在IFA 2012nüvi®个人导航功能的赢家“年度应用”和美国领先的个人导航设备的供应商。随着下载应用程序后,没有数据费Telstra的网络上没有广告,导航仪,包括免费的基本的导航与高级功能需要订阅或天通行证。
- 跟踪在地图上的进步驾驶和行走方向
- 始终保持最新的地图澳大利亚以百万计的利息包含的要点
- 导航到地址联系人
- 继续航行,而你拨打和接听电话,等等。
- 下载的应用程序,如果你是澳洲电信的网络,并没有广告后无数据费用
- 前7天免费体验高级功能,没有义务认购
- 到达轻松到达目的地,准确转由转语音导航Gar​​min的导航
- 与车道指导的3D路口实景
- 多路线旅行计划,并通过点添加站途中
- 澳大利亚​​指令和街道名称的发音
- 实时路况更新,航班信息和绕行按钮绕过路障和拥堵
- 高速摄影机和冲红灯摄影机警报
- 对于大部分主要道路的速度限制,车速限制警告和到达显示估计时间
- 检查到的Facebook®和Foursquare®抵达,并与Facebook的整合,Foursquare的探索你的城市,和维基百科的位置(数据收费)
- 3D建筑物和标志性建筑,以帮助导航
- 避免通行费,未铺砌的道路,高速公路和主要交通事件
- 个人化的导航与Garmin的车库免费的声音和车辆
- 增强行人导航,在省会城市的火车,电车和渡轮航线
•24小时通($ 1.95)
可以申请下载从App Store中的数据收费,并在脸书,四方,和维基百科的位置时。

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Android 2.1.x 以上

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