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★The world best lie detector★

★The world best lie detector★

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■ Simple usage

After running the App, You read the help page

■ Truth Analysis

There are too much mental efforts to say lie or wrong information than to say truth. At this time, due to this kind of efforts make too much differences in mental activities. Voice analysis can detect this kind of changes through speakers voices. When most people who do not say truth or say lie intentionally, then their emotion factors will be too much difference from their baseline of voice. If this kinds of differences will find during phone call, then 7th-Sense will give you such information. This special function is a lie detector applied Layered Voice Analysis and Sense patent technology.

■ Love Analysis
The principle of human’s speaking is one of response method for external stimulation. Especially, good or bad emotion factors specified clearly between man and woman which related with lover. So we can detect some related emotions from counter party’s voice and know he/she loves me or not. By the way, it is very important to set relationship between you and your counter party for exact result of analysis. Therefore you must specify relationship for you to know new, well known, or spouse. or some. If you have wrong choice for relationship then you can’t get exact result of analysis.
Please expect the final report of result. Because this reports will include very detail comments to improve relationship between you and your partners from 7th-Sense love advisor’s

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Android 2.3.2 以上

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