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Okotte Nakama Clock Widget Okotte Nakama Clock Widget

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Okotte Nakame thrives off pain and destruction. With his large body he is able to slam opponents into millions of pieces. If aggravated, he will stop at nothing to destroy his aggressor. You would do well to avoid him at all costs.
He also tells the time while he watches over your homescreen.
The story of Dooderbutt and Okotte Nakama
Hundreds of thousands of years ago in the deep dark hollow backwoods of Japan.......
OkotteNakama was your average young lad that didn't have many friends growing up.
He was picked on all his life and chased out of town. In his time spent lonely growing up fighting tiger's and bears in the backwoods of Japan.OkotteNakama became a very violent and disturbed man that hate everyone and anything that came across him.
One day walking through the woods very angry OkotteNakama decided to pick a fight with a group of tigers.OkotteNakama was hurt very badly and left for dead,out looking for sum cake was Dooderbutt. He stumbled upon OkotteNakama both were very scared and shy neither knew what to do.OkotteNakama begged Dooderbutt to help him back home and to clean his wounds. From that day forward they were both best friends. For years they roamed the land destroying things as a form of entertainment. The local villages feared when they heard the two of them were coming.
One day Dooderbutt was having a bad day so OkotteNakama suggested they go tear some stuff up to get Dooderbutt feeling better. As they were walking along in the woods they came upon a old factory and decided they would tear it down to the ground. As time went by the building slowing became a big pile of rubble Dooderbutt got a sudden smell that he hadn't smelled in a long time. As Dooderbutt dug in the pile of rubble for the pleasant smell that caught his attention,OkotteNakama caught a whiff of the smell that had caught Dooderbutt's attention. Both started digging as fast as they could. Once the got to the bottom of the pile they found a strawberry frosted cake still wrapped. Dooderbutt snatched the cake and took off with OkotteNakama in chase. OkotteNakama slammed Dooderbutt to the ground,in the very violent fight that ensued.For the first time ever in his life Dooderbutt shot(Breathed)fire at OkotteNakama. The flames were so intense they burnt all OkotteNakama hair off leaving permanent scars on OkotteNakama back,legs,feet and blind in both eyes.
After that OkotteNakama swore death on Dooderbutt.They have been arch enemies ever since that day

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