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SMS Group Invite

SMS Group Invite

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SMS Group Invite SMS Group Invite SMS Group Invite SMS Group Invite SMS Group Invite

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Group texting with reply tallying! A group SMS app that specializes in sending invites for group events by bulk text message and automatically tallying replies. Great for organizing parties, meetings, sports games, club events, catching up with friends and more. Note: the app installs as InviteWiz but is currently listed in the market as SMS Group Invite for discoverability purposes. "My mind has been buzzing about the wide applications for this app. I see it being widely used and adapted both in social and business circles." -- androidsocialmedia.com "InviteWiz took the [group messaging] concept to an entirely new level. Nothing else even compares IMHO." -- Daevid Vincent, Seattle-based club promoter If you're a coach or team manager, InviteWiz can help you organize your team more efficiently, notifying players of upcoming games/practices and tallying player attendance. FEATURES:★ Create group events and send invitations via mass SMS to selected recipients and/or groups★ Personalize messages through token expansion: %f = first name, %n = nick/first name★ No limit on the number of attendees★ Automatically tally replies from incoming text messages★ Send invites to any phone or device that can receive text messages. (Recipients do NOT require the app or even an Android phone.)★ Send invites in any language thanks to fully customizable SMS content★ Customizable dictionary for smart reply handling★ Manually set replies when necessary (eg. when a reply is received by voice instead of text)★ Edit events and send updated invitations★ Intuitive, polished UI★ Powerful contact search & group selection functionality★ Create custom contact groups★ Robust messaging and notification system InviteWiz is a free, ad-supported app. Upgrade to InviteWiz PRO within the app (not a separate download) to unlock premium features:★ Invite templates ★ Record additional guests accompanying invited contacts★ Send a list of confirmed and tentative attendees★ Customizable message footer★ No advertisements Organize your next party, meeting or event with InviteWiz! Visit http://www.geckointeractive.com for more information.

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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