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iTaxi - Simply Fair iTaxi - Simply Fair iTaxi - Simply Fair iTaxi - Simply Fair iTaxi - Simply Fair iTaxi - Simply Fair

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iTaxi is the most popular Polish app made for quick and direct ordering cabs.
Now you can take a ride with us in the biggest Polish cities: Gdansk, Gdynia, Cracow, Lodz, Sopot, Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw!
Thanks to iTaxi you:
1. Take control over time, because you order a cab just in few seconds and you wait only few minutes for its arrival.
2. Choose a cab and ‘a rate per kilometer’.
3. Have 4 ways to order a cab: app on smartphone or tablet, www or call.
In addition:
1. The taxi driver informs you, when he will arrive at appointed address.
2. Each taxi ride you can judge every moment you need.
3. Are you not sure, if the taxi driver chose the shortest route? Tell us about it through our complaint form.
Guarantee of Fair Ride
Being fair is essential for us, that’s why we give you guarantee! If you go with iTaxi and you’ll have any doubts about the price of your ride, you can send it through our complaint form – that’s simple. If it turns out that you have paid more than it’s necessary, we’ll give you back twice more than you have paid for the next rides with iTaxi.
Do you own a company, where going by taxi is a part of everyday life? Do you appreciate efficient and innovative activities? Saving money and time is your priority? Cashless ride with iTaxi is a fair solution for your company!
Our system it’s a simple way to manage the limits of rides for your employees and clients, precise settling accounts of rides and reports at request. With iTaxi you cut costs and everything is clear! We work for the best companies, such as: Agora, Generali, Oriflame, Play, Wprost and many more. So join to over 300 companies going with iTaxi: http://www.itaxi.pl/firma
Are you honest? Do you want to have more rides? iTaxi is the best solution for you! Don’t resign on your full-time job! You can work for us at the same time, meanwhile or just after your shift. iTaxi brings additional rides, no more long waiting at the taxi rank, no limits of working hours, indefinite agreement and we pay for the adverts in your cab! Check this out: http://www.itaxi.pl/kierowca
Join in iTaxi – simply fair cab.
公平对我们来说是至关重要的,这就是为什么我们给你保证!如果你去iTaxi,你就会有你骑的价格有任何疑问,您可以通过我们的投诉表格给它 - 这是简单的。如果事实证明你已经支付了超过有必要,我们会退给你的两倍多,你付出为未来的游乐设施与iTaxi。
你是诚实的?你想有更多的游乐设施? iTaxi是您的最佳解决方案!不要辞职,对你的全职工作!您可以在同一时间的后移为我们工作,同时还是只。 iTaxi带来了额外的游乐项目,不再有漫长等待的出租车停靠站,工作时间,不定协议没有限制,我们支付您的驾驶室的广告!检查了这一点:http://www.itaxi.pl/kierowca
参加iTaxi - 简单公平的驾驶室。

iTaxi - Simply Fair 更新内容

Next step towards iTaxi perfection has been made and we made it for you! What's new:
- we say goodbye to The Beardman - we got brand new welcome screen,
- better localization algorithm,
- taxi can be ordered to POI as well as address,
- few small bugs, not worth mentioning, are fixed now :-)
And even more iTaxi cabs at your fingerprint!

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