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Arithmetic Memory Lite

Arithmetic Memory Lite

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Arithmetic Memory Lite Arithmetic Memory Lite Arithmetic Memory Lite Arithmetic Memory Lite

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This is a game for you to find the answer from your memory.
You will need to memory the number in cards first, and then we will ask you the question later.
From easy to very hard, even to the level of genius, this game integrates short-term memory and arithmetic. You will have fun in this game, and exploit brain’s potential unconsciously. Your ability of short-term memory, attention and arithmetic will be improved in the same time. The game is not only suitable for children, but also for adults who want to improve their memory. In some hard level, you can play with your children and increase parent-child interaction.
The level in this game is from easy to hard. The cards you need to memorize will be increasing. The numerical will become larger and larger too. You may be asked to add or subtract two numbers and then select a correct answer card from your memory. Sometimes, you will be asked to select two cards from memory, and make sure after the two numbers being added or subtracted, the answer will be the number which shows in the screen.
You can select any level you want to play in this game. We didn’t lock them. But our suggestion is to play from the easier level, so your ability of memory will be gained step by step. In the future, we may add more level if you tell us that the current level is too easy for you.
Tip: Feel that the number of cards is increasing? Imagine that your eyes are the camera shot. Blink your eyes is just like to press shutter. Try to take a photo of the screen in front of your eyes.
Notice:This app may not suitable for any Android Mobile. Please download the Free version to test before buying the Full version!!
**Please download the Full version for all levels**

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