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Celestial Lite Live Wallpaper

Celestial Lite Live Wallpaper

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Celestial Lite Live Wallpaper 截图

Celestial Lite Live Wallpaper Celestial Lite Live Wallpaper Celestial Lite Live Wallpaper Celestial Lite Live Wallpaper Celestial Lite Live Wallpaper Celestial Lite Live Wallpaper

Celestial Lite Live Wallpaper 描述

Do you love space? Are you tired of staring at pictures of your loved ones? Have other live wallpapers let you down with their uninspired lacklustery?
A yes or no answer to any of the previous questions probably means you will love this live wallpaper.
Celestial Bodies is a fully animated solar system including planets with cloud layers and moons, an asteroid belt, a complex star with coronal ejections, and of course it wouldn't be the 21st century without an over-the-top lens flare effect!
A complex view transition system keeps the scene fresh and dynamic unlike other static and stale wallpapers. It's like three-dimensional and stuff!
Fully interactive. Bored in your meeting? Ignoring your spouse? Stuck in a snowstorm with no reception? Fling yourself to another world. Swipe and poke your way through the solar system. You've probably done less productive things with your time!
Highly customizable. So many settings you'll probably need instructions. You're in luck as those are included! Don't like instructions? You are further in luck as the default settings are pretty great already!
Be sure to check out the full version if you like what you see here. It includes several new features not found in the lite version such as:
- Random Solar System Generation
- Nebulae
- Comets
- Orbital Rings
- Complex Music Visualization
- Various New Settings
- Food for me
The last feature does not appear anywhere in the application but rest assured I consume it and appreciate your support!
*How to open: Home > Menu > Wallpapers > Live Wallpapers
- 随机太阳能发电系统
- 星云
- 彗星
- 轨道戒指
- 复杂的音乐可视化
- 各种新的设置
- 食品对我来说

Celestial Lite Live Wallpaper 更新内容

Massive update bringing lite version up to speed with full version. See changelog in settings for full details.

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体育格斗 美化手机
Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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