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Geo Wars (Beta)

Geo Wars (Beta)

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Geo Wars (Beta) Geo Wars (Beta) Geo Wars (Beta) Geo Wars (Beta) Geo Wars (Beta) Geo Wars (Beta)

Geo Wars (Beta) 描述

A social geolocation based massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. Geo Wars is all about conquering and controlling your area. You start out by placing a headquarters. Then, you hire drug dealers to work your territory. The longer you can keep them on the streets without being killed, the more money you make. The more cash you earn, the more drug dealers you can hire. Get it? Good. You play live with other people in your area. Battle it out with other drug dealers to steal their money and lock down your turf. As you play the game you earn experience, which over time will level up your character. The higher your level, the more powerful you become. Explore your area. Remember the game is geo-based, so your location changes the outcome of attacks and collects. For updates and maintenance check out our Twitter @ Geowarsapp Also please use our forum for suggestions and bugs: http://www.geekground.com/forum/ This game is in beta and undergoing major changes all the time. It is also an PVP game, which means if your a not a gangster, go play some lame game trade magic wands or something.The gameplay is expected to change continuously while in beta, so any feedback regarding our changes is appreciated. Please do not give us bad reviews because we are not finished yet and it's not a fair assessment of the game until we get out of beta. (MMO, massively multiplayer online, social game, drug, gang, cartel, mafia, MMORPG, dope, war, battle, weed, guns, black market, chat, grow op, RPG, hydroponics, geolocation, social gaming, location based game, kill, steal, money, gangster, mob, attack )

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Android 2.3.2 以上

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