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glomper FreeTime glomper FreeTime glomper FreeTime glomper FreeTime glomper FreeTime glomper FreeTime

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Glomper Free Time helps you sync your free time with nearby friends. The app allows you to share your free time with your friends, colleagues, family or, if you want so, with strangers - and find a company right away. As well as to easily involve into other people activities.
Everyday we realize that today we are gonna have 2 hours after work when we could do something interesting, 1 hour between business meetings or a 4-hour flight connection. Such free time arises between main activities spontaneously and this happens a lot. This time could be spent with joy and with profit but normally it isn't.
You normally know about this sudden free time only couple hours in advance, so you decide there is no way to synchronize this time with a big group of your contacts and just leave it as it is.
Glomper Free Time helps you forget about this problem. Just push “I’m free” button, select time and duration of your availability (location will be detected automatically) - and that’s it, now all your friends which are nearby now (and all nearby people you even don’t know - if you want) will know that you are available for a coffee, for a movie, for a walk or for anything else. You can also see who is up to what and who is available now.
With Glomper Free Time it’s easy to:
Find a company nearby - whenever, wherever you are
Meet friends even if you are quite busy
Afford not planning things in advance
Spend your unexpected free time with joy and profit
Keep posting even when you are on a plane with the offline mode. When the internet connection appears, all your plans will be synchronized immediately.
Meet new nice people
Additional Features:
☆ Integration with Facebook and Twitter to cover most of your friends
☆ Friends only and invite only modes for extended privacy
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version 1.0 // New version of glomper FreeTime

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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