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SoundWire (free) SoundWire (free) SoundWire (free) SoundWire (free) SoundWire (free) SoundWire (free)

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SoundWire lets you stream any music or audio ("what you hear now") from your Windows or Linux PC to your Android mobile devices. Use it as:
- A remote speaker or wireless headphones
- A way to listen to music and movies from your computer anywhere around your house, or further over cell networks
- A wireless extension of live audio from your PC-based music system
SoundWire does audio mirroring (audio cast). You can use any music player on your PC or laptop like Spotify, YouTube, or iTunes and stream the live sound directly to your Android device.
SoundWire has low latency (audio delay), which means it can even be used to listen to the soundtrack of a movie or YouTube video while you watch (**Note you must adjust the buffer size in app settings for low latency). There are other uses too... SoundWire can work as a baby monitor or listening device with a computer such as a netbook that has a built-in microphone. Hook up turntables to your computer's line input and stream a live DJ set to another part of the house over WiFi, or anywhere else over 3G/4G.
Before using SoundWire on your Android device you must install and run the SoundWire Server application on the Windows/Linux PC or laptop which is your source of music, web audio streaming, or other sounds. Raspberry Pi is also supported. Download the server at http://georgielabs.net (do NOT obtain the server from any other web site).
- Live audio capture and streaming
- Excellent sound quality (44.1 / 48 kHz stereo 16-bit, PCM or Opus compression)
- True low latency (unlike AirPlay, Airfoil)
- Easy to use
- Compression option greatly reduces network usage
- Stream audio from PC to PC running x86 virtualized app (Linux/Windows)
- Runs on all Android versions back to 1.5, put your old phone to good use
For more information see the user's guide at http://georgielabs.net/SoundWireHelp.html
Android TV: SoundWire will work on most Android TV devices, but does not yet meet all of Google's criteria for TV Play Store listing so needs to be sideloaded. After that it will update normally through Google Play.
If you have any problems please see the troubleshooting tips at the above link. For example if you get choppy audio try restarting your wireless router, then try the other troubleshooting suggestions in the guide. The most common reason for connection problems is incorrect firewall settings at the PC or router. Please contact support at soundwire@georgielabs.net if you have any problem.
The free version of the application identifies itself by voice every 45 minutes and displays ads. There is a 10 minute compression trial in the free version. The full version enables unlimited Opus audio compression, can handle multiple clients, and has no ads or voice identification. It also has a special Pro Mode to set and display buffer latency precisely in milliseconds. Please consider purchasing the full version of SoundWire if you'd like to support the developer.
You may want to use a remote control app together with SoundWire. Some good choices include: Timote (Spotify remote), Remote for iTunes, Android VNC, Unified Remote.
Please rate the app and comment on Google Play to let us know what you think of SoundWire. If you have a question or bug report send email to soundwire@georgielabs.net. If reporting a problem please give your phone's Android version and make/model.
- Network communication: Communicates with the server program on your PC.
- Phone calls: Mutes audio when you receive or make a call. Without this permission music would continue to play, interfering with your call.
- Prevent phone from sleeping: Keeps app running while connected (playing music) or attempting to connect. May be disabled in settings.
- Record audio/Microphone: This is needed to make the equalizer work properly with native audio.
SoundWire让你流的任何音乐或音频(“你现在听到”),从你的Windows或Linux PC到你的Andr​​oid移动设备。使用它作为:
  - 远程扬声器或无线耳机
  - 一种方法来听音乐和电影从电脑的任何地方你的房子周围,或进一步在手机网络
  - 现场音频的无线扩展,从基于PC的音乐系统
SoundWire具有低延迟(音频延迟),这意味着它甚至可以用来听电影或YouTube视频的配乐,而你看(**注必须调整应用程序设置缓冲区大小为低延迟)。还有其他的用途太... SoundWire可以作为一个婴儿监视器或监听设备与计算机配合工作,如具有内置麦克风上网本。挂钩转盘到您的计算机的线路输入和流现场DJ通过WiFi设置为房子的另一部分,或通过3G / 4G其他地方。
在Android设备上使用SoundWire之前,必须安装并运行Windows / Linux的PC或笔记本电脑,这就是你们的音乐,网络音频流,或其他声音源的SoundWire服务器应用程序。也支持树莓派。下载在http://georgielabs.net服务器(没有获得任何其他网站的服务器)。
  - 现场音频采集和流
  - 出色的音质(44.1 / 48 kHz的立体声16位PCM或压缩作品)
  - 真正的低延迟(不像AirPlay的,翼型)
 - 使用方便
  - 压缩选项极大地降低了网络使用情况
  - 流从PC到PC上运行的虚拟化的x86应用程序音频(Linux / Windows的)
  - 在所有Android版本上运行回到1.5,把你的旧手机,以良好的使用
  - 网络通讯:与您的PC上的服务器程序进行通信。
  - 来电:当你接收或拨打电话静音音频。如果没有这个权限的音乐将继续播放,您的通话干扰。
  - 进入休眠状态;阻止手机:保持连接时(播放音乐)的应用程序运行或试图连接。可以在设置中禁用。
  - 录制音频/麦克风:这是需要与本地的音频,使均衡器正常工作。

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Android 2.1.x 以上

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