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The Global Corporate Challenge® (GCC) is the world’s leading, global workplace health and wellness program of its kind. To date, our behavioural change program has delivered scientifically proven results to over 3,400 of the world’s leading organisations and a million participants.

With this free GCC app, you’ll never miss a step, even if you’re out of the office, travelling, or just on the move. You can enter your daily step totals, view your progress, explore the incredible locations on your virtual GCC journey, and keep up to date with how you, your team, and others are performing throughout the event.

Get the free app, clip on your GCC Pulse, grab your walking shoes, and be a part of Getting the World Moving™.


• Step Entry - Log your walk, bike, and swim steps in seconds

• Sync your activity - Automatic syncing of your steps and progress with the GCC desktop site

• Locations - Stunning location visuals and descriptions as you move further through the GCC journey

• Leaderboard - See how your team is ranked against others within your organisation and across the world. You can filter by team, organisation, area, top 20 performers, and more.

• Trophy cabinet – Earn and view the achievement trophies you have been awarded.

• Set stage targets – For each of the four stages of the event, you can set a step goal you want to strive for

• Stats – Take a closer look at your progress stats, including team average, step breakdown, daily progress, and PBs

• Community – Be part of the global supportive community where you can share and read stories, check out participant photos and have a bit of fun

• Notifications – Receive updates and notifications in real time

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- Update to Google Analytics library to prevent app crashing in certain instances.

- Update to mitigate server connection issues in case of network/Internet communication dropping out

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Android 2.1.0 以上
Global Corporate Challenge

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