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Laurent Wolf by mix.dj

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Laurent Wolf by mix.dj Laurent Wolf by mix.dj

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Welcome to the official Laurent Wolf DJ mix app for Android by mix.dj

Welcome to the official Laurent Wolf DJ mix app by mix.dj where you can discover and listen to Laurent Wolf ‘s latests DJ mixes in addition to realtime news, events and contact informations.

No Stress, lots of Harmony. He is one of the most booked DJs in the world, playing with time zones, with an intense production work for his new album that has produced a beautiful serenity. Laurent Wolf’s secret? "Passion, energy, good vibes and meditation," says the Frenchman, now settled in Miami, a few hours before going on stage for one of the fifty days of his summer tour.

After the worldwide triumph of his previous album Wash My World, he put all his energy to do even better with Harmony. "I want to take you higher" Sly Stone sang. This might be the motto of Laurent Wolf...

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