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Trance Party by mix.dj

Trance Party by mix.dj

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Trance Party by mix.dj Trance Party by mix.dj Trance Party by mix.dj Trance Party by mix.dj Trance Party by mix.dj Trance Party by mix.dj

Trance Party by mix.dj 描述

Welcome to Trance Party by mix.dj for Android, the worldwide DJ's and DJ Mixes foremost app. where you can listen to and discover thousands of new Trance DJ's and DJ mixes worldwide with just one click at anytime - 24/7, Every day of the year
To get full and unlimited access to Trance Party, download for free this incredible application NOW and get the following :
• Thousands of Trance DJ's and DJ mixes at your fingertips in the palm of your hand
• Access to new Trance DJ mixes added 24/7/365 by our 350 000+ DJ's worldwide network
• Add DJ's and DJ mixes to your favorites
• Vote and comment your preferred DJ's and DJ Mixes
• Connect from everywhere on Earth and spread the good sound around you within your private circle
• Add your own DJ mixes for free, go to http://www.mix.dj
and much, much more…
• This service is not authorized for professional usage or public performances.
• We suggest you to use this application in WiFi. However if you plan to use it via mobile internet, please check your contract carefully with your operator to avoid unexpected bandwith usage billings.
To contact us: mixdjpro@mix.dj
To report bugs: bugs@mix.dj
(c) DigitalDeejay 2015
欢迎光临恍惚党由mix.dj为Android,全球DJ和DJ混音最重要的应用程序。在那里你可以听,发现成千上万的新恍惚的DJ和DJ只需点击一下全球混合随时 - 24/7,一年中的每一天
•访问新的恍惚DJ混音由我们350 000多个DJ全球网络全天候添加

Trance Party by mix.dj 更新内容

- New Channels feature added : enjoy hours of music without interruption in 1 click.
- Enhanced user experience.
- No intrusive or privacy killer permissions required to install or update this application. Just DJ’s and music !
- Minor bug fixes.

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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