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Ginkgo Audiobook Player

Ginkgo Audiobook Player

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Ginkgo Audiobook Player 截图

Ginkgo Audiobook Player Ginkgo Audiobook Player Ginkgo Audiobook Player Ginkgo Audiobook Player Ginkgo Audiobook Player Ginkgo Audiobook Player Ginkgo Audiobook Player

Ginkgo Audiobook Player 描述

Ginkgo Audio Book Player is an audio player with special features for audio book listening and foreign language learning. It is designed to be simple, efficient and user friendly.
ATTENTION PLEASE: This application is based on Android system media facilities and supports the same files as the default android music player. If your file format is not supported or your files are hidden to Android music library (indicated by .nomedia file in the folder), you will not be able to listen them with Ginkgo Audio Book Player.
Easy navigation: Four step buttons (backward, fast backward, forward and fast forward) make seeking and repeating easy.
[Bookmark]: Bookmark function allows you to place multiple bookmarks within a track, that helps you to locate the begin of a chapter, a paragraph or even the begin of every phrase. You can also use the "create bookmarks by interval" function to "cut" long recordings into small pieces.
[Lyric and subtitle]: Lyric (.lrc) and subtitle (.srt) can be imported as bookmarks. This will be a great help to language learners.
You can find audio files with associated lyric /subtitle files on some language learning resource sites(e.g. http://www.51voa.com/VOA_Special_English/A-Mobile-App-in-Delhi-Aims-to-Protect-Women--44408.html), or make your own lyric files with free tools. Once you get the lyric/subtitle files, put them into the related audio files folder and import them as bookmarks.
[Progression]: your progression (shown by a dark green progress bar) on each track is memorized to resume later.
[Support files]: This application is based on Android system media facilities and supports the same files as android music player does (This varies depending on devices. Commonly supported formats include: .3gp .mp3 .mp4, .m4a .flac .wav .ogg)
[Tags based browsing]: built on Android system audio library, the browsing interface is revamped to be simple and efficient.
[Folders based browsing]: you can also browse audio files by folder/file names. The library scan is automatic and instantaneous.
[Configurable headset buttons]: Wired and Bluetooth headset buttons are supported and can be reassigned to step and bookmark actions.
Key words: audiobook, foreign language, bookmark, seek, repeat, progression, resume, folder, headset buttons, MortPlayer, Audible, Ambling, Akimbo, Astro.
你可以找到一些语言学习资源网站相关歌词/字幕文件的音频文件(如http://www.51voa.com/VOA_Special_English/A-Mobile-App-in-Delhi-Aims-to-Protect-Women-- 44408.html),或者与免费工具你自己的歌词文件。一旦你获得了歌词/字幕文件,把它们放到相关的音频文件的文件夹,并将其导入的书签。
[支持文件]:这个应用程序是基于Android系统的媒体设施,并支持相同的文件android音乐播放器做的(这取决于所设备普遍支持的格式包括:。.3 gp的MP3,MP4,M4A FLAC WAV,。 OGG)

Ginkgo Audiobook Player 更新内容

V 1.6.6
Repair bluetooth button for Android 4.
Bookmark file loading bug fix.
V 1.6.1
Import of lyric and subtitle file improvement :
Allow choosing text encoding when automatic detection failed.
V 1.6.0
Add donation and advertisement removal.
V 1.5.0
In "Folders Based Browsing", folder exclusion is supported to show only useful folders.
V 1.4.0
Lyric (.lrc) and subtitile(.srt) import added.

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Ginkgo Audiobook Player 信息

Android 2.2.x 以上

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