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Buick Mobile Workbench

Buick Mobile Workbench

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Buick Mobile Workbench Buick Mobile Workbench Buick Mobile Workbench Buick Mobile Workbench

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Buick Mobile Workbench
This application is intended for internal use only by Buick dealership personnel. The content in this application is not advertising and is not intended for use or viewing by consumers.
Buick Mobile Workbench is designed to provide relevant tools and content to Buick sales personnel from your mobile device. Tap to locate a vehicle of interest in your inventory or your trading partners’. Display available exterior and interior color choices and use your customer’s selections to filter your inventory search. Provide payment estimates, look-up GM card points, check current offers and compare vehicles against key competitors at the tap of a finger. Product videos demonstrate the quality and excitement found in Buick vehicles, and an interactive map on the virtual business card completes the customer sales tools.
Buick Mobile Workbench also has tools to help you. Submit a customer quote simply and easily—anytime, anywhere. Use the VIN search to locate inventory. Manage your recent quotes and perform customer follow-up right from your mobile device.
Buick Mobile Workbench is an anytime, anywhere sales tool in your pocket.
Additional features:
• Top Ten Features – See the top ten selling points for each vehicle
• Quick Locate – Locate the specific model and trim of a vehicle within your or your trading partners inventory
• Search by VIN – VIN barcode scanning for ease of use.
• Payment Calculator – Estimate monthly payment or vehicle price affordability.
• Video – Add your dealership’s YouTube videos to the application playlist

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此版本中的新功能:Fixed the Login failure error in Locate, Check Offers, Recent Quotes, and GM Card functions.

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Android 1.6 以上

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