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Good e-Reader App Store

Good e-Reader App Store

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Good e-Reader App Store Good e-Reader App Store

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Good e-Reader brings you over 2,000 Android Apps that are considered the best in the business. You can pay for apps via PAYPAL, something no other app store does. You can find the latest e-reading, eBooks, Games, Apps and much more!
Get the latest e-Reading, Comic Book and Newspaper Apps with goodereader
The Good e-Reader Android App Market is one the leading alternative stores on the internet! Our focus is on e-reading, comic books, newspapers, magazines and games!
We recognize that most Android Markets have a wide array of apps that dilute the experience and make it hard to find the quality apps and games. Our store features an editors choice of the best content for Android in the world and puts a strong emphasis on reading.
The apps in our store are always updated and you can be instantly notified of new iterations posted on our website. Chat with your friends, leave comments and ratings of your favorite ones. You can also share them via Twitter and Facebook.

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