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12th World Bioethics Congress

12th World Bioethics Congress

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12th World Bioethics Congress 12th World Bioethics Congress 12th World Bioethics Congress 12th World Bioethics Congress

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The World Congress of Bioethics is perhaps the largest single meeting focused on bioethics in the world. Its focus is on the promotion of original findings and new theoretical perspectives surrounding the ethical issues that emerge from the advances of science and technology. Discussions include debates about humans, animals and the environment as a whole. The Congress is convened by a global organization, the International Association of Bioethics (IAB), which has networks of experts in diverse places of the world. This time, the host is the National Bioethics Commission of Mexico, and the Congress will be held from June 25 to June 28, 2014.
The objectives of the Congress include the following:
Interact with the most important experts in the global field of bioethics. Exchange experiences and establish links for the future.
Identify innovative trends in the field of bioethics, including original knowledge and its development and application.
Strengthen actions that promote the solid presence of bioethics in the Latin American Region, both in the academic fields and in research, teaching, and practical performance.
Promote the social transcendence of bioethics and its impact in the daily life of citizens, in the drafting of public policies, as well as in the international recognition of Mexico.
Promote bioethical knowledge as an expression of culture and as an instrument for personal and collective development, for the care of health, protection of life in all of its expressions, and the preservation of the environment.
Discuss and reflect on diverse bioethical considerations pertaining to human rights, equality, intercultural processes, and the prevention of discrimination.
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